Richard finally kicks the Bucket

It will sadden all fans of 1990s BBC sitcom Keeping Up Appearances that Clive Swift, who played the long suffering Richard to (Dame) Patricia Routledge’s social climbing PITA Hyacinth Bucket, has died at age 82. If only the show had gone on long enough I am sure a whole series of her visiting various AirBnBs and leaving 1 star reviews would have been hilarious. I wonder who’ll get the Royal Doulton when she goes?


RSC veteran was best known for starring as the beleaguered husband of Hyacinth Bucket

I hope he was paid well for his time as a tv beleaguered husband and enjoyed his last years spending money and enjoying life.

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I’m not familiar with the television show, but I have a huge set of RD dishes in my basement. We inherited them from my in-laws (my husband’s grandfather was a physician stationed in England during WWII and brought the set home) when they moved to an independent living facility. I’m sure it’s worth something but we don’t dare unload it until the in-laws are gone.

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His death over here in the UK, whilst sad, has been overshadowed by the death of Jeremy Hardy, one of our best loved stand-up comedians since the '80’s. Untimely; he was a mere 56. Known and loved for his work on BBC Radio 4’s The News Quiz in particular. Well worth a listen! I think they’re putting some of the best clips up on BBC Sound.