Reviews that don't pertain to the property or host

I would like to think that I can tolerate constructive criticism. But it sucks when guests make reviews about things they knew about beforehand. I have had a couple of guests this year that have negatively commented on the location of my listing, which is in a major city. I provide plenty of pictures of the exterior of the home and am tactfully honest about the neighborhood so that guests know what they are getting before booking.

I don’t know what else there is to do, but a couple of guests have made negative remarks about there being nearby apartments and my location rating has gone down. I feel like some guests just make passive aggressive comments just for the heck of it. (Btw none of my guests have ever had safety compromised.) I feel like guests should only be able to write about things that pertain to the host or actual property. Rant over.

I’m afraid “location” also includes surroundings to comment. Although I would be very happy if my “very happy guest” would not have been allowed to write about “the very loud avenue” :disappointed:.

What does your listing state, and what did the guests say?