Reviews sorted by country now?

It appears that my guest reviews are now sorted to place all reviews from my own country (Canada) before any reviews from guests from other countries. About half of my visitors come from outside the country and I have 100 reviews, so this means all those non-Canadian reviews are buried 8 pages in where nobody will ever read them. Does anyone know what’s going on here? Does it sort reviews for potential guests based on their country of origin now so they see their own country first?

@faheem recently reported in another thread that he was told this was the case. There are a couple of other threads in the last month on review order. You might peruse them and see if there is more information on this issue, I don’t recall.

Oops, you’re right, thanks. It doesn’t look like there’s any more info than “yes, they are sorted like that”. What tweaked me to it was that it actually says where the reviewer is from now, which I don’t seem to remember being the case in the past. Hard to know what’s what with all the constant changes.

Perhaps it’s a temporary experiment. I wish they would let us choose “top review.” They’ve placed two different ones in the top spot, neither of which I think is my best review.

It looks like my “top review” is one that some random person (a potential guest I guess) marked “helpful” with a thumbs-up for an unknown reason…

My reviews are still sorted by date on both my computer and phone. Foreign language reviews are still at the very end [which I wish they didn’t do!]

Same here. Until last November most of my guests were from Europe. (I am in the US). One of my guests told me (I don’t know how correct this is) that guests are encouraged to write reviews in their native language.

I can see the logic there - if a potential guest sees that the host has pleased people from all over the world, that’s a good thing. But burying them isn’t.

At least on we’re not encouraged to leave reviews in French, but it seems that each user has a different version of the platform :smile:

I always ask guests to please leave a review in their native language though.

I think that their search algorithm matches listings and guests relative to previous guests’ countries of residence​. I can’t see no other reason why I have more Australian than French guests.

My reviews are also now sorted by my own country first. As a host I prefer the most recent reviews first as I am always improving my place, and as a guest I prefer it as the most recent will be the most accurate.
Someone has just posted a request for reviews to return to chronological order so perhaps we could all tick “like” and get it to the attention of Air.