Reviews now include each star-rating

Hey everyone! I was viewing some local listings while logged out and in “incognito,” and noticed the stars show up publicly associated with each review. This must be a new feature, and it doesn’t seem to work when I’m logged in.

This would be useful for those of you who like to screen guests based on the past reviews they’ve left other hosts.

It also reminded me how most of my guests who have left four-stars have said things along the lines of, “Excellent experience, would love to stay here again!” and “Comfortable bed, great linens, hotel-like experience” and “Loved it, she even let me check in early and provided snacks!” I’m glad at least it’s publicly now they rated me 4/5 stars after claiming to have had such a great time.


I don’t think that feature will come through on the Chrome extension.

It seems like it’s been around awhile, but now that you mention it I can’t recall how long.

I look at a lot of listings, sometimes logged in, sometimes not. It’s fascinating and I’m always amazed at the values that are out there. I was just looking at a place in Portland, OR for $40 a night for one person, over 200 5 star reviews and a Dalmation co-host, incredibly long description with lots of rules and it’s perfect for me. LOL.

BTW, it’s been glitchy lately. A few times it has told me that a guest with multiple prior reviews didn’t leave any reviews for the hosts. The first time I thought, “ok, this guy doesn’t leave reviews.” But I looked again another day and reviews were there. Last night’s last minute booking were there, then I clicked away to look at a listing they complained about, clicked back and they were all gone. Then I couldn’t access the Air site either which has also been happening regularly.

Maybe this feature just showed up for me, as I hadn’t noticed it before. I knew I could see the star-rating privately for my own reviews, but had never noticed I could view them on other listing (though oddly only while logged out).

If the Chrome extension won’t display this information, we’d have to go manually look back at the listings where our potential guests have stayed, like we did before the Chrome extension existed. It had be hard to do with a host with hundreds of reviews, but easy enough with someone who only has a handful. I would probably only do this to make sure I’m avoiding leaving reviews (and thus prompting a response) with guests who are likely to leave less than five stars.

So I had this happen… it will say that, but if you give it a few minutes it will bring them all up. Maybe Air didn’t really want something third party messing with their info…??

It’s still been like gold and has saved me from booking at least two nit pickers!