Reviewing a shady guest - to disclose details or not?

I had a local guy who wanted to book the weekend saying that he had his “sisters” for the weekend and wanted to host them at my home…when I dug deeper and asked for their ages, he said that he was 24 and his “sisters”, all 3, were 14. ALL 3!
Ran it by my long-time Host friend who said that "sisters " is code word for hookers.
I reported his profile.


Yeah, the bars/nightclubs close pretty early here, and we don’t have any casinos nearby. There are some clubs across the river in SC that stay open all night, but they’re pretty much adult entertainment places that cater to the soldiers at the nearby military bases.

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Curtis didn’t actually stay there. So, it’s a 3rd party booking and so not covered by the so-called host guarantee. So, if your negative review mentions it - that is direct ammo for Curtis to call Air and it is likely your review would get removed.

Even still, since he did not stay, he could still call Air to try to get your review removed since it “isn’t relevant” (he wasn’t there and it’s his booking profile). But, he is perhaps not aware of the nitty gritty of Air review policies (seems likely to me but no guarantee), and so he probably will not fight the bad and honest review if you just stick to the facts.

My bet Curtis doesn’t give a rat’s patootie, He’s on to the next Airbnb with a different identity.


This is the kind of sex trafficker that the loonies should be worried about, not politicians. I would have called our local cops so that they could keep an eye out. They would check hotels and motels, and be keeping an eye out at likely hangouts, especially at bar closing. That %^&((^( should be in jail for a long, long time.


What’s especially odd about this situation is Curtis had a verified identity and several positive reviews and nothing bad on his profile prior to booking. So I’m guessing he somehow managed to book with remote hosts or they simply decided to look the other way.

First time posting, I hope I am doing this correctly!

Please help :pleading_face:

I hosted the guests from hell, complete with 3k in damages. I filed a claim, still waiting. I missed my deadline yesterday to write the review for these most unfavorable guests. I have the drivers license copy of all four of them. Can I post it here? I want to make sure nobody has the same experience as I did!

I cannot believe I missed the deadline! Ah!

Thank you :cupid:

It’s pointless to post the names of bad guests here because the chances of any host ever getting those guests booking is extremely slim. Hosts on this forum are from all over the world.
If there’s some local hosting Facebook group or something, it could warn other hosts in your area, which are the most likely places those guests would try to book again, unless they happened to be from far away.


It can be hard to tell the difference between partying young adults and people working in the sex trade. As long as they weren’t turning tricks in your property, who cares? But they were smoking an illegal substance on your property, which could potentially have created a liability issue for you.

Thank you so very much!

Hi, I read through the help section, and didn’t see any mention of 3rd p booking. I found out that a guest did not actually stay at my place the day they were all leaving. Reservation was for 6 and only 5 left. When I reviewed the guests leaving, I noticed that none of them looked like the one who booked.
He/guest didn’t leave a good review, and i mentioned his not being there in one of my final emails.
Should I notify Airbnb and ask them to remove the review or let it go?

In theory, if the booking guest did not stay, you “should” be able to get it removed. But, this may well depend on getting the right Air CS Agent. You may have to call several times. Some people have gotten such reviews pulled. Naturally, this may take some time as their call centers are seriously understaffed.

Airbnb rules for review includes something like the person leaving the review must have stayed at the condo.

This means that anyone making a third party reservation leaving a review isn’t complying with the rules and their review may be removed.

Hosts are not supposed to accept 3rd party bookings but since I have self check in, before my ring doorbell, I didn’t see the renters so a third party booking could’ve happened