Review Words for "Sneaky" Vaper

Greetings All. I had a couple this weekend that came for a “Couples Getaway” :confused: :smile: They arrived at 2:45am (self check in no big whoop) and only left once the entire weekend to go out to dinner, etc for 3 hours, Ok, come 350 miles to sit around and watch movies in some of the most beautiful country in the state, your choice. However, when I checked the camera footage after they left, I noticed that the young man always seemed to have his vape instrument clenched firmly in his mouth, puffing away. He didn’t go outside to vape with the exception of about 30 seconds minutes before they left. My husband could smell it in the house as well, it was weed he was vaping. Other than that, they were pretty good guests, clean, good communication but vaping is against my House Rules. I did a search, many hosts here dislike it. I cannot totally prove they broke that rule but I can be pretty certain. They also turned the house air cleaner on full blast. Any suggestions for the review to give future hosts a heads up to stress that rule with these guests that doesn’t come across accusatory? Thanks.

This is the phrase that I use whenever I’m trying to point out a behavior that isn’t ideal for me. I figure other hosts can decide whether it’s a problem for them.

“(Nice things, yadda yadda) With more attention to house rules around vaping indoors, they’d be perfect guests.”

I’d just describe it as “vaping” and not mention the substance.


Thanks @Allison_H That sounds good, short and sweet. We just wanted to cover the vaping. We are in a weed legal state.


You can’t prove your accusations yet you want to subtlety warn future hosts about this guests possible but not entirely sure rule infractions that you never broached with them directly?

And why are you checking on the guests comings and goings all weekend long enough to know how much time they spent outside of the listing? That is just disconcerting to me. Why do you care? Maybe they rented your place to have tantric sex, play Mario Kart and eat only cheeseballs all weekend?! Remember that they’re paying your bills.

I dont think that it’s the guest who should be branded as “sneaky” in this situation.

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@Icklemiss, sometimes you just know because of cameras or smart locks, or because you live on the property. No sneakiness or nosiness required. But I think you miss the poster’s point.

@AvaH, I would simply state that you don’t permit smoking and the unit smelled like smoke on guests’ check out. It’s factual.


I am a former smoker and I quit and never tried vaping. But vaping, as far as I understand doesn’t give out tobacco fumes like cigarettes, right? Isn’t it supposed to be just water vapors (hence the name)? I think I stayed next to people who vaped and smelled nothing.
Also do you have in your rules specifically written “no vaping”? I’m asking because I, for example, have only “no smoking”. I wonder if I should add “no vaping”. If you don’t have it I think you should not complain.
Smoking and vaping is not the same thing.
Also I know vapes come in many flavours, possibly hemp too. Unless your home reekes of marijuana I wouldn’t say anything.


I’m not OP, but you’re right, vaping should be called out separately if you don’t want it in the listing.

You can vape different things: some people vape “e-juice”, a food-grade gelatin that often has nicotine and a flavoring (or flavor without nicotine). This can leave a sticky film on surfaces and, depending on the flavoring, an unpleasant (syrupy-sweet to my nose) scent. It can be like getting hit in the face with a Yankee Candle. :joy:

Ava mentioned that it was specifically weed. Often that’s a cannabis oil or dry herb that’s “toasted” rather than burned. It smells far less than a joint, but you’d be able to smell it in a room that hasn’t been aired out.


@Icklemiss, as I said, this was behavior I noticed when checking footage After they left. Unless I get an inordinate number of alerts on my cameras, I don’t check beyond making sure they got in okay. I could see that every time the young man went in or out he was puffing on his vape instrument. So I know that at those times he was not the required 15 feet from All entries and windows while vaping. Is IS in my House Rules that it isn’t allowed inside.

“We have a no smoking policy; this includes e-cigarettes/vape implements. Our home is NOT smoker friendly. We do not forbid smokers but smokers are NOT allowed to smoke anywhere within 15 feet of the doors and windows. Smokers are definitely NOT allowed to smoke on either the front or back steps. There are NO sheltered areas, other than your own vehicle, to smoke during inclement weather.”

And, even though they left the air cleaner on full blast, we could still smell weed throughout the house. While weed smell doesn’t hang around as long, it still has to be dealt with. Fortunately, I didn’t have a guest coming in that night and we cleared the odor out by the next day.

I might note that I already posted the review, using language similar to what @Allison_H suggested and there has been NO pushback or denial from the guest regarding the vaping. I mentioned in Private comments that I saw him on the footage After they left, quoted the rule and told the guest that I would have preferred to only remove 1/2 Star for House Rules, but it isn’t doable. And that otherwise they really were excellent guests.

@Allison_H, Thanks for your support! I have had No E cigarettes/vape implements in my House Rules since we started last May. I have had to deal with them at my regular business, where they are also forbidden, since they hit the market. I, like you, cannot abide the sickly sweet smell of most of the e juices, or the film it leaves behind. I don’t care how well these vapers have convinced themselves it has no odor, I CAN smell it when they vape cannabis!

Oh sorry for mistaking you for the OP. I am so far behind in all these things… meanwhile i searched online and apparently there is an odour if someone vapes marijuana but they say it’s way less than a joint and it should clear in 30 min of keeping the window open. To be honest, I had guests whose cooking smells took longer for me to get out of the house.
Nevertheless this brings out an important issue which is adding “no vaping” to the rules. I wouldn’t like the sticky stuff on my furniture.

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If he’s a regular vaper, then he is likely doing so several times per day. How much of your time does it take to go through the footage all weekend to indicate that they didnt leave the listing all weekend? My issue is that you were about to accuse someone of something that you yourself say you weren’t even really sure of. And that you seemed to take issue with them not leaving all weekend to engage in activities outside the house. The Big Brother approach to guests and the willingness to crucify someone in a review for a behaviour you aren’t sure took place leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

As for the vaping, I know several people who vape weed. Its largely undetectable. That is the point of vaping. For you to smell it the following day seems farfetched. Unless he had his vape on Scorch setting and was doing it a day long inside of the flat ( you already indicate you saw home outside doing so several times but he then also vaped inside as well? That doesnt make sense.

As someone else mentioned, if there is a smell that non vapers might smell, it would be gone after half hour tops…And that to me is a generous time frame.

But that’s not really my point in all this. It’s the accusatory attitude without proof and without confirmation from them. Too many people hide behind a camera and seem too quick to villainize people in a review (which will affect these people negatively in future) without any facts. That and the fact that you criticize how they spent their holiday that they are paying good money for is off-putting to me. And not great for the image of Airbnb hosts in general.

This is the very reason people might pick an anonymous hotel vacation instead.


She acknowledges that she checked the footage enough to know each time he left yo vape outside and the exact distance he was from the building, and that they hadn’t left the flat all weekend. I call that nosiness. It’s just my opinion. Unless there was an incident or damage to the flat, and after approaching the guest to attempt an honest dialogue (like people did once), I call that unnecessary nosiness.

It’s just my opinion. If I was reading this as a potential Airbnb guest, I would run far from this listing, afraid that I would be accused of something I didnt do or that my activities were being monitored 24/7.

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I check all footage as a matter of course after a guest leaves to make sure I don’t need to save any in the event of a problem. Because they hadn’t hardly moved out of the house all weekend, there was very little to check. THAT is when I noticed him puffing on his vape implement as he exited and entered, hard to miss the cloud following him. No matter what Your experience is, our house smelled of weed. If they had been vaping indoors all weekend with the windows closed, it’s going to smell of weed, maybe not heavily, but it WILL smell and it did. Most of our guests are families and seniors that do not indulge in marijuana and they DON’T appreciate that odor, generally speaking. We work hard to keep it out, in the middle of pot country - Humboldt County California.

As far as

As I said in the original post

THEY wrote in the Guestbook that this is what they chose to do all weekend. I mentioned it, mostly, because so many hosts have posted/commented about being completely puzzled by this particular behavior. I just found it kind of odd, but it takes all kind to make the world go round.