Review time and unusually brutal reviews

As many of you know it’s time for Superhost reviews… I’ve noticed the past few quarters that right before review period I start getting unusually nasty reviews. I’m wondering if any one else experienced this?

I have to wonder if Airbnb sends out a different review questionnaire with possible more leading or discerning questions just prior to review time to weed out some potential superhosts… my past few guests coincidentally use the same language “didn’t meet expectations” etc.

Please keep in mind I have a 90% 5 star review and am a Superhost, I don’t slack prior to reviews and I do the same thing and offer the same amenities to every guest.

No we haven’t but I wouldn’t be surprised at anything Airbnb does to make hosts lives miserable. Also, they roll out different things in different markets. We don’t all get the same treatment or experience.

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No, I haven’t

I think guests, especially new ones, read the last few reviews you have and then write theirs. I seem to get several one liners in a row or several long ones in a row.

They have (at least here in SW Florida) recently changed the format of the reviews – more check boxes. But I’ve been both guest and host in the last 6 weeks and haven’t noticed anything really out of the ordinary.

I can’t honestly believe that AIR “targets” Superhosts or their guests with specially worded questionnaires! That’s both 'way too much work on their part for no real gain, and just a bit creepy. I’ve certainly not noticed anything different.

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Yes, I’ve noticed that phenomenon too. It’s like an infection! And then you get one great guest who bucks the trend and you’re back to normal.


This actually reminds me – I rarely use Airbnb as a guest, but I did use it about a month ago. The host wasn’t a Superhost.
The review questions seemed very different from my experience in previous stays, and it definitely included one question along the lines of
“Did this listing exceed your expectations?”
And IIRC they also wanted me to give star ratings in seven different categories including Location.
I wonder if recently they changed the standard questions? Or was I randomly selected? Anyone use Airbnb as a guest recently?

I’ve noticed the ‘herd mentality’ too! I’ve seen an opinion written somewhere, then several responses disagree, the writer gets a right old drubbing, then someone will agree, closely followed by a run of agree-ers.