Review Question/Concern

I am so sorry if this has been addressed in the past. I tried searching first but didn’t find the answer I was looking for.
I know that both guest and hosts have about 14 days to review each other. I anticipate a retaliatory review/reply from this guest. I tried searching Airbnb but the information I received was a little vague.

My question is this? Up until what time do I have to complete a review? Does the time zone matter?

Thank you for your feedback in advance.

Quick question - why do you think that the guest will leave you a bad review?

The ‘how long’ question has been discussed several times here. So I think that maybe you should try another search. (That said, the site is going a bit bonkers at the moment so the search facility might not be great).

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It’s exactly 14 24-hour periods from when you got the first notification to review. So no, your time zone is irrelevant.
And the first notice to review is not pegged to your stated check-out times, either. My posted check-out time is 4pm, but I have gotten the review notification at 2pm and other times.


On the 14th day, when you click on the guest name in your inbox, on the right side, you can see exactly how many minutes are left for you to review this guest.


Oh!!! Ok . So I have to wait till the 14th day to see the exact time?

Yes. Before that, the countdown timer just says the days you have left. Then it switches to hours and minutes on the last day.
But you can also look at the day and time of first notification and count exactly 14 24-hour periods ahead, which should be the same.

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I have seen it.

Thank you everyone.