Review Is Hidden Glitch


It shows on my Reviews page but… I left a review already a few days ago. In fact, she didn’t leave one.

Don’t know, feels like Airbnb is having too many small issues like this lately.

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Same for me. It’s been a problem since Sunday, 4 days ago. It took 3 days for my guest’s review to be visible, and now it says I have to do his before it’s visible, even though I did his on Monday. When I click the button to do the review again, it says I can’t since I already did it. Air is having significant system issues with reviews.


This is deja vu. I remember having this same issue a few months ago. Eventually it resolved itself.

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I’m having the same issue. It let me read my guest’s review when I postsd mine, but it didn’t post it on our profile, and the bloody thing keeps asking me to review them (but then not letting me as I’ve already done so) .

We’re just a new host so are desperate for all the reviews we can get, it’s annoying that this was one of our best and isn’t showing.

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Had also weird issues with reviews starting about 10 days ago. For one guest there were two “buttons” stating write a review while I already wrote one. Also didn’t get the guest x left you a review notification or email eventhough it could be read on the website (but not public on our listing).

Seems indeed their system needs some TLC :wink:

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