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Here is my first draft. I welcome your feedback, understanding that this is just the major things, there were several other more minor things as well, that all added up but would certainly make this longer so not necessarily included. Thanx in advance!

I cannot recommend Xiaofei or her friend Mian. They blatantly disregarded several House Rules including no smoking (they didn’t even try to hide it as they threw their cigarette butts all over the yard and patio and ashes all over the floor, doorway threshold stoop and patio) and paying for each person (she tried to pay for only herself). She left old food out on the counters and the kitchen floor. She was horrible at communicating except when asking to stay longer by paying directly to avoid fees and requesting I pick her up and take her to the ATM and return to the store when she left her earphones in my car. She did not follow any of my checkout requests and left lights and fans on and wet towels all over. She didn’t let me know when she had checked out and once she left never responded to any of my messages. I am very disappointed in Xiaofei and in Mian since he is a local to my home and a restaurant business owner in the local area. I would not recommend either of them to other hosts and am sorry I let them stay at my house.

A bit too long and confusing…
I cannot recommend Xiaofei or Mian as they failed to follow the House Rules by smoking on the property, left discarded food in the kitchen, made no attempt to clean up after themselves and attempted to forgo paying the extra person fee when an additional person stayed in the home. The guest does not communicate well and in general did not treat our home in a respectful manner.

Leave out any personal notations about being local as that could cause the review to be taken down. I would also leave out the part about paying in cash for the extra night as that be a violation of TOS term. IMHO…


It’s too long. Be specific but leave out elaboration. For example “these guests smoked on my no smoking property,” leave out things like “didn’t try to hide it.” It doesn’t matter if they are local or business owners. You said you don’t recommend twice at the beginning and again at the end.
(Edit: I see Cindy covered some of the same issues)

Did you accept cash for extending the stay? That’s a violation of Airbnb policy and not a good idea to imply that’s what you did in the review.

@Ken is so much better than I am at rewriting a concise review.


Oh something that I had forgotten to include but I do feel is actually kind of a big thing is that they took one of my antique kitchen chairs and left it outside overnight leaving the outdoor patio chairs in the laundry room…

Cannot recommend Guest & Guest.
They broke numerous house rules including: smoking and scattering butts all over my non-smoking property; trying to pay for only one person, not two; not following check-out proceedures (wet towels all over, lights & fans left on) and more. Created health issues by leaving food on the counters and floor (!). Terrible at communicating except when begging for rides around town and trying to extend their stay and pay outside the System, which I denied.


Did she smoke inside? Smokers will smoke you can write all the rules in the world and they will still smoke outside. Did she pay for extra guest? If she did not smoke inside and she paid for extra guest I do not see the issue other than you did not like her. Who cares, NEXT!



I must say that, sadly, I actually did not deny the extension and paying outside the system. When I did that I did not know what all had been done (other than the not paying for the second person which they immediately did when I required it in order to give them access to the smart lock). The reason is because the last review for that listing is a 1 star from October where a guest did not even stay. I was told by the first person I talked to at ABB that it would be removed since they never checked in but it would be forwarded to a case manager to actually do it. That case manager denied saying that regardless of the untruths it was the person’s perspective. And I have learned from this forum that it is because it was a same day reservation/cancellation…I am still pissed about that whole deal because it was my top booked income earner and it has been completely dead without even inquiries since that time…

She did smoke while standing inside the kitchen as well as both of them smoking right outside the door with the door open, as well as in the yard, on the patio and the stoop. This is my rule on smoking:

“1. NO SMOKING ANYWHERE ON THE ENTIRE PROPERTY! I prefer non-smokers due to the fact that even outside smokers have the smell in their hair and clothes.”

And the following pics are included in the photos for those that do not read:
image and image

I got the idea about the smoking pics from @KKC…Thanx!

It was not about not liking her. She was very pleasant when I saw her in person while giving her a ride to the ATM, which I shouldn’t have done. She BLATANTLY disregarded my rules and basically threw it in my face by not even trying to hide it that she was breaking them.

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Smokers are addicts, they do not care.



While I agree about the first part the second part is not true about all of them. I have had several guests literally go for walks in the neighborhood in order to smoke while staying at my properties because if my rules.


You might be shooting yourself on the foot because she extended her stay and paid you directly to avoid fees. At least, that’s my understanding. I would remove that part of the review.

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I’m really confused. Was this the guest that the review relates to on a previous trip? If not, I’m not sure what it has to do with anything?

I do, RR. I am about update my rules to include no smoking within 30 feet of my house. In addition to counting butts, I am asthmatic. Guests have brought on a major league attack by puffing just outside the door if it’s raining. Always a bitch when you can’t breathe.

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No, different guest (non guest in this case). The only thing it has to do with it is the reason I accepted the guest I need to review’s request to extend directly off platform…hoping she would leave me a good review to move that one star away from appearing on the top. Turns out she was not only a horrible rule breaker but is not going to leave me ANY review.