Review help: guest mistaking host for a convenient travel insurance on a delayed flight

So, our guest booked in July for a 3 night stay at the beginning of January. It’s their honeymoon trip.

On arrival day I get a message in the morning that their first flight was cancelled, they might get a later connection to arrive at night. 3 hours later it became clear that they missed the connection, asked us to contact their car rental car company as they couldn’t do an international call. We did that bit with the car rental company for them.

Next came the following message: Should I modify our reservation through AirBNB, or should we still pay you and try to get reimbursed through our airline? (guest with 7 5 Star reviews)
I said: the later …
They wasted no more time and contacted Airbnb, which contacted me shortly thereafter. I said … sorry no can do … we have a strict policy, I am not paying them $100 for missing a flight, expecting check-in the course of the next morning as their new flight was due to arrive at 8am.

Airbnb comped their night and guest was happy and as far as I know they stayed happy through out their stay.

They were good guests, but frankly I don’t want them back. I am not their travel insurance.

So, what to write in their review? Something sweet, but to the point …

Guests were friendly/nice /clean throughout their stay. Before their arrival they pressured for a refund of their first night due a missed flight and eventually got sorted through airbnb.


I would review positively. It doesn’t sound like they pushed the issue.


It seems like they did because OP said they went straight to airbnb for their refund and airbnb contacted the OP.


TBH that was probably AirBNB’s idea to go back to the host not the guests’s.