Review for an obnoxious Jon Bon Jovi fan

… for your amusement :slight_smile:

“ In my 7 years of hosting thousands of guests from hundreds of countries - XX takes the honour of being the #1 absolute worst, ever. He came back from a Bon Jovi concert being loud, drunk, bashing things around and even singing ‘Wanted Dead Or Alive’ at midnight (I could her this from my room downstairs and my other guest complained about it). This might sound quite funny but when I went to ask him politely through the door to be quiet he screamed back at me “Go away and go to bed! I do not need some narrative through the door, go away!” … so pretty scary, as you can imagine. I did not sleep much that night for fear of what he might do next - a rendition of ‘Livin’ On a Prayer’, for example. I did feel sorry for his partner who seemed quiet throughout. I can forgive a lot of things. I can, at a push, even forgive bad taste in music. But I cannot forgive rude, obnoxious and threatening behaviour. XX does not belong on the home-share platform - he belongs in a home. “


Give him a taste of his own bad medicine.


Say it isn’t so; he gives guests a bad name.
Hosting is no Bed of Roses; I would have Runaway for fear of being Shot through the heart. No Apologies; Keep the Faith, but Never say Goodbye. Have a Good Day.


Why were you afraid? A drunk person has no coordination. :rofl:

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