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Review for 3 loud meathead jocks 🤓


As the title indicates - just had three guys stay… Military, 20 something, jock-types from Netherlands, here for a sporting event. Original booker had no reviews but assured me he had read house-rules in his original enquiry (presumably as otherwise he couldn’t have booked). House rules include being quiet as a rule of thumb, but especially after 10pm (I have three extra rooms upstairs almost always occupied). They arrive, are a bit loud and I anticipate issues. So I stress I have another guest staying upstairs who is not too well and is studying - therefore quietness is a definite priority. They agree. They come back at 2am being super loud and disrespectful. I call them on it. And again in the early morning. Again, had to remind them. They left the room very clean and even stripped the beds. The original booker appolgied for the behaviour on check out.

For your perusal ,here’s my review / private feedback (critiques welcome!) :slight_smile:

Public - “X and his 2 friends seemed nice lads but sadly found it impossible to be considerate and quiet during their stay (despite several reminders) even coming back very loudly (booming drunken voices) at 2am - disturbing me and another guest. Completely inconsiderate and inappropriate behaviour for the home share platform … unless you are going for a ‘youth-hostel’ vibe. Or happen to be extremely hard of hearing. On the plus side, they were very tidy and stripped the beds before check out

¯_(ツ)_/¯ ?! “

Private :

“Whist I realise it might not have been yourself personally making the majority of the noise, as you were person making the booking it is up to you to own the situation. It is not possible to come into my (or anyone’s) home as a guest and behave the way your group did. You left me with no other recourse other than leave this review. As a result I had around 2 hours sleep that night and you also ruined the experience for my other guest (already anticipating a bad review). I’m telling you this because since you have no reviews I can only assume this is your first time. Most other hosts I know would have simply kicked you out. As a lone female host I found the situation intimidating and you and your friends must have been aware of this - drunk or not. Very poor form indeed, this is the type of thing that gives Airbnb a bad name. “


thank you so much Cabinhost - you are one of the greats and I love ya ! X


Nice Kitty! …stupid lads!


Good stuff. Sorry you had to put up with this. I hope the other reviews go OK, that really wasn’t your fault.


Brilliant Kitty! I’m going to use some of it tomorrow when my drunken Russians have left, if you don’t mind my theft of prose. The only query I have is “Jocks” from the Netherlands??? The military bit I get, but Jocks to us in the UK means Scottish.


I should have added, whilst it might be a military thing to strip the beds, I would check the sheets etc with a great deal of care…


Haha, by all means, Joan - theft away ;)! I’m UK based too but to me a Jock is a male sports orienated person :nerd_face:.


Would that have anything to to do with STRAPping young lads? I only ask because I know a few Scottish blokes who would class themselves as meatheads after a session, but don’t play cricket or rugby.


i think that your review is a good assessment of their stay. Who knows; the next host might be fine with “Animal House 2018”!



Thanks Jess. Just for the record, my other guest was sitting there as this group was leaving and I said (loudly)


and she said (so polite) “oh, no!”. Then they left and she said “actually they were kinda loud” Fortunately, this guest was cool and I manged to help her through the next leg of her trip. She was an artist like me and we connected well and exchange details. Love airbnb for that ;)!


Another vote here for being wary of ‘jock’, I am English and know that it can mean a US sporty testosterone type, but without knowing where you’re from, I wouldn’t be 100% sure the lads weren’t from Aberdeen


Great response and well written. I have been leery of booking someone who doesn’t book directly. I think it’s better to insist that whoever books, does so directly through Air Bnb so they can be vetted.


I love it … And would like to use it when my boneheads leave on Sunday. :+1:


I need a bit of help with translation here. ‘3 meathead jocks’ in my parlance is ‘3 thicko Scotsmen’. A Jock is a Scotsperson in the UK. But these are from the Netherlands - how does that work?
Good reply Kitty.


A perfect set of reviews, measured yet clear and concise. Letting them know their behaviour is unacceptable in a measured way may get the message through. And letting the rest of the community know that the person booking didn’t take his responsibilities seriously enough is what we need.


@Bohemia Here in the US, a jock is an athletic person, someone who is involved or at least heavily invested in sports. It’s as much a sports aesthetic as it is actual sports participation. It also has connotations of entitlement and jerkish behavior probably dating back to when they were a big deal in high school and could pick on whomever they wanted without consequences from the administration. (Some US schools are extremely bad about that.) The stereotype is that jocks are scornful of intellectual pursuits.

Outside of high school movies, of course, athletic people come in every flavor from kind, humble, and intellectual to dumb, loud, and entitled. It looks like Kittyp got some of the latter kind.


@ Isobel
Thankyou for that very comprehensive reply. This is a genus of the male type I now recognise from American films.

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