Review Deadlines and Thumbs - Confused!

“You only have until 07 Jul to write a review for Martin”
Does that include the 7th or would 6th be the cut off point?
The 7th is day 14 if we count the day he departed as day 1, but I’m just double checking what you lot think.
Yes, I’m trying to time the 5 minutes to midnight strike for my recent guest, the wonderful Mr. Pooping-Stainsville von Grossburgh.
(‘Until’ confuses me just as much as ‘next’ weekend, I never know what people mean!)

Oh, and do we have to use the thumb or can we skip it? (I just figured out we don’t have to use all the review sections, as I just got a blank review from a guest, so I guess he did the stars but wrote nothing). I have so many guests that are in-between bad and good (mostly annoying due to carelessness), I’d rather not have them back but they’d be ok somewhere else where they don’t share bathroom etc. I also get the feeling things have to be pretty bad to use the thumb-down, right?

Then I see some of my guests have 20 reviews that are all great but only 15 recommendations, does that mean they have 5 thumb-downs paired with a great review or was the thumb just not used?

So confused today!! It must be the bleach fumes :confused:

Remember, the Public part of the review is for your fellow Hosts, so they don’t let Mr. Poopy-pants stay at their place. Use the Private part of the review to tell Mr. P what he did that wasn’t right. If it was really gross, use the Tell Air section to let them know just how bad it really was…


Are you generating your reviews in the Airbnb app? I don’t use the app for reviews because the website gives better opportunity to leave complete feedback. Since the thumb up or down indicates if you would recommend this guest, you must answer that item.

If you have guests with no review, it probably means the host didn’t review them. I don’t think a host can give only a thumbs down without completing the public review section.

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There’s not a tell Airbnb section anymore.


I had this recently, a guest booking with 24 reviews and only 16 recommendations. I noticed in reading the reviews that she stayed with one host 2 times and got 2 reviews but that would only be one host recommending. I assume the others were thumbs down. But clearly some hosts are giving thumbs up even though the review isn’t very good.

I’d say thumbs down if you wouldn’t host them again. Let other hosts decide for themselves. In the case above the guest instant booked but after reading the reviews I cancelled her stay and blocked her so she can’t request again as she is hanging around town moving from Airbnb to Airbnb.

How to block unwanted contact or bookings from someone who has contacted you via Airbnb: Go to the user’s profile and click on “Report” under the photo. Select a reason from the dropdown menu or click “something else”. It will give you the option to “block” that user from contacting you. If that option does not appear, try again later. It is also possible to unblock a previously applied block.


‘she is hanging around town moving from Airbnb to Airbnb.’
I have had a couple of these and would not be keen to host them again. They seemed a bit washed up and had unrealistic expectations of a short term let such as craving home sweet home or a new best friend which I cannot provide (that has to be a happy accident!).
One of them took it out on me in a review. She didn’t like the fact that there were boundaries and hung out in my kitchen in the early hours which is against my rules (10pm cut off). I didn’t even mention it but she didn’t even like the suggestion she might not be welcome to do so. I wish I had given her the thumbs down rather than feeling sorry for her, because she did weird my son out when he got home from a weekend evening out. (Sorry but she just wasn’t wholesome as they say across the pond.) Give me busy people anytime.


Lucky for me she didn’t attempt a booking here until she’d been in town awhile. In addition to having multiple bad reviews she lied in her booking message. She listed Newtown, MA as her home and said she was “visiting, traveling through El Paso…”

So I had cancelled and blocked her within the hour. I almost wish I’d hosted her so she could get another honest review on her record. Thing is, since that day on June 6th she’s accumulated another 6 reviews. I don’t know how many of those were from stays before she booked with me, or how long she is staying. It puzzles me that anyone would take a chance on her. I can only assume that they are instant book hosts who don’t realize they can cancel.

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I use my laptop for reviews. I do have guests with reviews, that’s the thing, that all the reviews are great but don’t match up with the number of recommendations. It seems weird to write a glowing review and at the same time give a thumbs down, it’s a bit contradictory I think!

Actually I would think they got those reviews at a time where the Thumbs Up option did not exist for the guest reviews

I just reviewed a guest, and as an experiment I didn’t use the thumb at all, and it worked! All this time I thought it was obligatory. So that’s good to know, that recommendations not matching up with number of reviews (when the reviews are all good) doesn’t mean they got any thumbs down at all, just no thumb at all most likely from some of the hosts. Mystery solved!

If all the reviews are recent (as in the case of my cancelled guest with 24 reviews and only 16 thumbs up since April) that doesn’t explain it.

I just wrote a review without using any thumb at all, I used the stars and public written part. So from that I gather a lack of recommendation doesn’t automatically mean a guest has received a thumb-down, just no thumb at all.

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I only see three reasons to block and no “something else”


I am unclear when the review window closes. I had thought it was two weeks after the day the guest left, at 11: 59 p.m. But I tried to review someone shortly before midnight two weeks after the day they left, and the review window had already closed.

I have 2 days left to review someone according to the app, and I wanted to wait and review them on July 1st, so that their score won’t be calculated into my super-host rating. They already reviewed me about a week back. I’m barely at 4.8 and one four-star review will knock me to 4.7.

However, I’m worried that the review window will close if I try to wait to review them on July 1st. I also want to make sure I review this guest because there were few things I wanted to let future host know about.

I probably shouldn’t worry about whether or not I have super host, but I thought it might be useful to secure more bookings in the fall as we head into the slow season.

The super host review window has a carry forward where if you have a guest that is booked in June, they wait the 14 days so it is captured in the April to June period and not the July to September period.

Does that happen during the 10 days they calculate your score? I have a backlog of guests to review from the past two weeks. Maybe I should just review them now.

As I said, sometimes that option doesn’t appear. I don’t know why not. I just now tried it on one of my past guests and did not get the option to block. One potential guest that I refuse to host the option wasn’t there and I wrote support about it. Then the option appeared later; I don’t know if there was a connection.

I won’t be surprised if Airbnb takes this tool away. It doesn’t seem like they are making changes that favor the hosts.

I think I’ve said before that I usually don’t look at guests’ reviews when they book. And it’s only if I’ve got time that I look before they arrive. Today, I happened to look at the profile of my guest who had just arrived and saw that he had 90 - NINETY - reviews and only ONE recommendation from a host.

Blimey, I thought, I’m in trouble with this guy. 89 hosts have given him a thumbs down or no thumbs at all - help! Panic!

Closer inspection revealed that he did have only one review - a good one - from a host and his other 89 reviews were for him as a host.


That’s a good point, that the lack of thumbs also could mean hosting. I laughed when I read your post, I can just imagine the split second horror! :scream: :rofl:

It was split second absolute terror! I was wondering how anyone could have been a guest 89 times and not had a single thumbs up. Scary. :slight_smile:

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