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Revenue from Welcome Email

Would you be interested in a welcome email that you could send to guests that would have listings for local tours, restaurants, bars and tours, car rental, etc.
You would make money when guests booked reservations by clicking on links in the email.
I’m trying to see if there’s interest in building this out as a product.

All feedback appreciated.


That’s an interesting idea Russell. Like rev sharing from recommendations. Basically the Restyle of Airbnb :smile:. We actually send out a welcome email with suggestions of nearby grocery stores, restaurants and activities. I would definitely not say no to getting additional income from guests using our referrals. The only issue I see is that as a guest, if you found out about this, you might not use the referral list because hosts may be listing things just to get money and not listing things they feel guests might genuinely enjoy.

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Hey Russell,

I am starting to prototype a similar product with an email as part of it. I have had the idea for a while, since I always give referrals as a host.

Would love to chat. Add me on LI: linkedin.com/in/colinlernell or email colin at jellist.com

Thank you!

I use affiliate links for as many things as I can. I refer guests to Uber and give them my referral code. I use an affiliate link to send them to City Pass. Another code to use if they are buying Broadway tickets. If they want to order something from Amazon for delivery to my place, they have to order through my affiliate account. At the end of the year, it’s a bit of pocket change, worth it for the 10 minutes it takes for initial set up.

Maria - Since you have experience with this, would you be willing to give me some feedback on a tool I am building to help hosts share referrals/affiliate credits with guests?

Feel free to send me an email. it would be great to chat!
colin at jellist.com

Thank you!

Check out YourWelcome - is a tablet for your Airbnb guests, It offers money saving offers and on-demand offers. We will be offering a rev share to hosts very soon.

Check it out:

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