Restricted wood burning

I have a wood-burning stove that I am not allowing guest to use. I am disclosing this in the verbiage of my listing, but wonder if I should have it in the pictures that accompany the listing.?

You definitely should not have pictures of the wood burning stove in your listing if you won’t be permitting guests to use it.


I am confused… a picture of a wood-burning stove that they can’t use? No. I think that if they can’t use it, don’t show it.

I don’t have a picture now but I know people will come in and see it and be disappointed that they can’t use it. I just wondered if I should disclose it’s there but can’t be used in anything other than the verbiage. Thanks all!

I think if there is a picture, the assumption is that this is an amenity for the guest to enjoy. I don’t have pictures of my kitchen, even though guests could use it, since that isn’t a feature that I am “selling.”

Definitely don’t put a picture. But you could say in the house rules ‘the wood burning stove is for decorative purposes and is not to be used’