Response timer still counting down

I don’t remember this happening before, but I had an enquiry, and have answered their questions but am now waiting to hear their answers to my questions before I ‘accept’ or 'decline’
But, my response timer is still ticking away:

“Invite XXXX to book by pre-approving this trip
Your calendar is still open until the guest books.
Respond within 23:26:32 to maintain your response rate.”

This seems to indicate to me that I have to decline or accept the guest to maintain my response rate.

Yes, I got that too yesterday. I told the prospective guest that “There are others interested in your dates; please understand that we will decline your request if you don’t respond by XXX”

Hi @Australia,

That’s odd. Normally a response would make that disappear - that timer is just supposed to be for the initial response. And you don’t accept an inquiry, you “pre-approve”. Maybe they’ve changed something. Or maybe it’s buggy software.

I cannot stand the response timer! In my experience, it hasn’t gone away until I accept or decline the reservation. Merely writing a note to someone will count towards your response time, but doesn’t get rid of the clock. An Inquiry is also different from a Booking Request, there are no consequences if you write them a reply and then never take an action. If you don’t take an action with a Booking Request, you get dinged even if you wrote a dozen notes.

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Thanks all, weird, I logged out and in on the PC and timer went away…hhmmm

Might have been some kind of caching artifact. Though the people who write the Airbnb platform aren’t exactly whiz bang at their jobs, so it might be a bug.


Ugh! I had this happen yesterday, even though I replied! Showed as sent on my iPad, and then I got the notify that I hadn’t replied many hours later, was like “WTF! Yes I did!” and then went back to the iPad and it just had a big “!” where my reply should have been.

Airbnb needs to get their sh!t together with their servers and app.

And of course, I lost the booking because of it. :pensive: