Response rate not updating


I have received 2 inquiries in the last 48 hours to which I responded within 2 hours. These inquiries have not been factored into my response rate and it seems to be stuck at one number. Has anyone had this issue before? Should I just be more patient?

Thanks in advance.

This number is a mystery to me! It sometimes changes from one hour to the next! Hang in there, though, after awhile it will equal out to look good. As a new host I had a booking inquiry that didn’t come through to my email, so I never responded. It took awhile but now my response time is pretty high.

Thank you, @dcmooney! That’s reassuring. I missed one inquiry time window because I was out of the country without consistent wifi. I’ll be patient and hope that it will eventually go back up as it should :slight_smile:

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As someone who uses airbnb as a guest, often, I would say - what counts is your response to the bookings coming in from now on. It’s a nice number, but the important thing, do your best to be on top of them from now on. It’s very frustrating, as a guest, to contact a host and not hear anything for hours or a day. I’m working on that vacation in those few moments available. Not that they have to respond immediately, but those that respond promptly are going to be my first choice.

However, I’m not going to NOT inquire on a property because the response rate isn’t great.


What about IB?

I thing it s make a difference

I couldn’t agree more. I appreciate that as a guest myself so I try to emulate it as a host. My response time is usually within an hour, two at the most if I happen to be in a meeting and cannot respond immediately. I’m just starting out so my denominator isn’t that big :slight_smile: The one time I couldn’t respond due to lack of wifi affected me and I’ve been trying to improve my response rate since then… you can imagine my frustration when I see that it is stuck at a percentage despite several inquiries in the last 48 hours. Ha! Patience :slight_smile:

As Air guests, do you gravitate toward listings with IB? I wouldn’t think the IB would matter all that much in Hawaii since 100% of the time guests have to plan their trip to Hawaii in advance by weeks or even months.

At our place, we have quite much last minutes booking so it will make a difference
I think it’s depend the place

That is frustrating. Maybe give them a call if you feel it’s showing as lower than what it is.
I have a 100% response rate, because notifications come to my mobile phone as well by sms. That way I never miss any enquiries. It’s a bit of a pain being always contactable, but at least you won’t have issues of missing enquiries.

It’s equally frustrating from the host side with questions pending and no guest response…two way street, yes?