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Responding to my first bad review




Awaiting your setup as SandyToes Insta Reviews LLC.

I would seriously Paypal you $5 per ghost-written review for these gnarly situations.


I definitely think you should respond. I have put a heart beside my favorite responses that people have written below. Go with what feels right for you. I think it is important that people know how detailed you are - before, during and after - receiving guests.


To be honest I think you responded well because this shows other guests that you are genuinely concerned about your guests well being and these were circumstances beyond your control.

I think airbnb should revise the entire reviews logic because I’ve seen too many hosts on this forum complaining about people not reading instructions and then giving bad reviews. I’ve been through something similar myself with a guy from Russia. Also the bed thing: Turkish people are slim in general, so I dont know why they complained about a small bed. In europe in general everything is smaller so I can’t comment on that. In US however I learned the hard way that people like bigger beds (in general bigger things, cars, houses etc… the bigger, the better) because many of them are overweight. SO for the bed issue I let hosts from Europe comment, but I am interested in as well.

The question in my mind is how can we, hosts, can weed these people out before they book us. there is for example a Chrome extension that allows one to see not only other hosts’ opinion about a potential guest but the guest’s opinion about previous hosts, which helps, because a guest who is a jerk, will always be a jerk.

I also think that given the fact that people’s attention span is limited today, we should give the info needed in small chunks or bullet list based on categories:

  • key: these
  • parking: there
  • entrance: via such and such
  • lockbox code: xxxx
    Im still sure people will mess it up though, but less frequently probably.


Both but this booking was for a private room


Oh I did :slight_smile: Probably wasn’t the best idea. I waited until the last day to review, hoping since they we’re always sooo busy that they would be too busy to write me a review once they found out I wrote them one, but I was dead wrong. If I didn’t write the review, I am almost positive they never would have remembered to write me one but this is the sharing economy and I believe we need to be honest on both ends to keep things fair and save other hosts from bad eggs. My review of them is below:

“XXXX and his wife were nice in person but it was not the best hosting experience. They were too busy to read the listing, my multiple emails with access instructions (instead called and woke me up at 2am) or do any research on their destination, so they did not come with the right expectations. They stayed one night then said they were uncomfortable for reasons that were in the listing prior (double bed too small). I let them leave without paying any fee, sent them a kind note apologizing for the inconvenience, and proactively refunded them 40%…they never responded. To take advantage of the wonderfulness that is Airbnb, you have to put a little effort it so you have the best experience, it’s not all on the host.”


Man, so much good feedback, everyone makes such a good point for leaving a review or letting it go. Not sure what to do!


Yeah this goes against everything I’ve read but it’s sooo good and it will feel fantastic posting it; I’ll sleep like a baby after, that is FOR SURE. Totally on the fence now with what to do.


Your moniker alone always tickles me but your post definitely set me into gales of laughter this morning – thank you! :grin: (And thanks also to the “likers” - the millions of you :rofl: You all made my day, that’s for sure!

@nirvico – That first negative review is always so hurtful and seems unjustified. Time will dull the pain to a mere annoyance. Good luck to you.


Now here I am trying to keep my own advice. I had a family come stay a week ago. An older man booked for he, his wife, their son, daughter in law, and grandson. He just left a 3 star review because we have a pack n play and not a crib. Not only is this mentioned in our ad, but when he first set up the reservation I asked where he wanted the pack n play set up (which bedroom).

There were a couple of other things he mentioned that he didn’t like, but are clearly outlined in our ad. I know there is a lot of material there, but this guy didn’t read our ad at all, and didn’t download the app so I could communicate with him during his stay, and then left a 3 star review.

Part of me wants to reply and rehash exact wording from our ad, but why? Any other guest can read our ad and see exactly the things he has pointed out, and if they are also too lazy to read it, I guess he’s doing me a favor by pointing things out that may change people’s minds. But it is so frustrating when people don’t read and then complain about things they should have known going in.

But one question - in his review he says “this information should be included in your ad.”. In other words, he’s reporting that our ad isn’t accurate even though all the things he mentioned have always been in the ad. Does ABB care? If I spent time talking to them would they remove this?


Inaccurate reviews are subject to removal. It might be worth your time. It’s hard to say. I just called them yesterday morning for the first time in months and actually got through in under 3 minutes and the CSR was able to help me with my problem. If you have the time I say go for it. At the very least you might learn if they will remove such reviews.


@K9KarmaCasa Thanks for your reply. The more I read the review, the more I realized that 2 of the 3 statements they made were totally inaccurate. I did message AirBNB and am awaiting a response. Didn’t call because it was early and usually phone calls wake my son up. But I will pursue calling if the message doesn’t accomplish the goal. I do believe their review is not accurate, and not reflective of their stay. So it is against terms and should be removed. I suspect the star rating will not be removed, though.


Try contacting Airbnb through Twitter and ask for a manager. Have done that in the past and it worked out well for me.


As of right now, AirBNB tells me they “respect the freedom of speech of the guest” and have no issue with the guest literally saying “No crib” in his review with no elaboration or explaination. I explained to them that both my ad and my correspondence with the customer describe the type of crib we have, and the statement that we have “no crib” could potentially impact my business, as we host lots of families who come specifically for the pack n play, and up to this point we have had 5 star reviews across the board from those guests. I told them that a review that says “no crib” could discourage new guests from booking.

The only help he would offer is that I should respond to the review. So, do I respond? If so, how snarky can I be? “I’m sorry you had a hard time reading our ad or the correspondence that I sent you through the AirBNB system. You agreed initially that the pack n play should be placed in the room with the queen bed…” That’s how I would like to start, but I don’t want to come off as bitter (I am a bit) or petty. Lol


I don’t like snarky replies when I read them from hosts when I’m considering where to stay. So I’d just respond (and the response is directed to future guests not to the reviewer) “just to clarify for my future guests, I supply a pack and play.” No defensiveness, no snark, just the facts.


This is why I needed to sit on my reply. It makes me angry that he can make out right incorrect statements and I’m basically being forced into a reply. The last time I had a really negative review I responded and kind of regret giving credence to that guest at all.


I have a friend who flies free NYC to SF cause she complains after every flight. She has long legs so she sits in an aisle seat and trips up the stewardess and they spill juice on her. I understand an accident but not every flight! You would think the airline would have her pegged.


Wow @lordhunt why would you want to call someone like that a friend :slight_smile:

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