Respond to review in another language?

Advice appreciated - Should I respond to a negative review that is in another language? Or not? I just received a review that was written in Chinese. When translated it reads: “Convenient location, friendly service, sent a fan on the same day, but the facilities are too old, the keypad door lock can’t fit, the toilet flushing is broken, and you need to manually dispose of it after each rush to add water.The sofa is dirty, some of the lamps are dirty and broken, and the refrigerator is a little dirty.” This guest was super picky and rather high maintenance, and didn’t read instructions. That said, I definitely plan to deal with the issues (lamps, toilet, sofa) he mentioned. Nothing is wrong with keypad - he did not read instructions on how to use it. Do you think it is worth responding to so that future guests know that the issues have been dealt with? or will it draw attention to his review? Do you think future guests will bother to translate it? The property is in the SF Bay Area in California - I get some Chinese speaking guests from time to time, but not many. Do I mention that nothing is wrong with the keypad or just let that go? (I know that some of you say to never respond, so I assume that I will get some of those comments as well.). Any help with wording would be appreciated. I don’t want to come off as defensive.

No. You’ve admitted there are some issues to work on. And non Chinese guests won’t bother to translate the review; they don’t bother to read most anything.


It seems like their observations in regards to wear and tear of items in the rental were correct. If so, I would not respond. I agree with you that it would just draw more attention. Let it go and fix the issues.

Ignore the bad review, but FIX YOUR ISSUES before the bad reviews start being written in English!


I said was going to fix the issues in the original post. No need to go ALL CAPS on me.


Don’t take it personally, he shouts because he’s hard of hearing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You asked how to review in another language, so here, Chinese.

I might respond this way:





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On my computer, it automatically translates; we get many languages being based in Thailand If a guest is going through the reviews, they might also get it translated. i just looked and it says “translated from it’s original language.”