Respecting property boundaries

This past week I received zoning approval for my str. I spoke with my neighbor who has no problem with it but did express one concern.
My place is 5 acres on top of a wooded mountain knoll with zero fencing. My neighbor’s concern was that I ensure guest don’t wonder on to his mountain property…especially during hunting season.

He doesn’t want me to fence the place but we’re both scratching our heads trying to predict and prevent the unpredictable.

Any suggestions?

My place is in the center of this photo with my boundaries being diamond shaped. My neighbors property surrounds mine. Even the driveway is through an easement.

The original markers in New England were granite stones placed at the corners of the property. More recent versions have been a steel rod in the ground. During hunting season, owners tie bright orange ribbons to these markers to make it very clear where personal property begins. It is extremely clear. I suspect that you and your neighbor can create a system that works for your part of the world that doesn’t require your guests to study an aerial photo, and is fairly simple to explain.

My thoughts exactly – during hunting season, a series of cheap wooden stakes with bright orange flagging spaced about 20 ft apart along the boundary. Inside and outside of your house then have signs posted explaining the boundary and why it is there. Speak to the guests – not just written messages – and reiterate the boundary issue.

What about one of those electric dog collars?

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(Guests tend to balk at wearing those.)

I’m going back to bed.