RESOLVED FAVORABLY: Guest left a bad review for a different place on my listing

I had a guest stay for 2 nights in May and he told me he was very happy and would leave me a good review. Today he messaged me on the app to say he accidentally left a review for a different place on my listing. It references a husband named Jim, several cats and a neighbor who came across
The street to question him and as a Black man he felt Racism. None of this applies to my place. He was here for 2 nights, I Am a catless, single lesbian On a busy street, diverse neighborhood. So airbnb said they don’t modify reviews and put me on hold. Still holding - it has been 1 hour and 27 minutes so far. What is going on? I messaged the guest - I have never had a review like this and he said he was going to fix the error. I replied to the review that it was not meant for my place.

The guest can ask Airbnb to remove his review. That’s the only way he can"fix it" that I know of. That will be much easier than you trying to get it removed.


After holding for 1.5 hours that is what Airbnb told me. Even though in his messages he apologized and said he left a review for a different listing by accident. I asked him again to contact them. Hate to sound desperate but I am. Everything is so intense right now.

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Don’t feel bad about contacting him again. I agree with the previous suggestion, have him call Airbnb and remove that review.

The review is still up. Airbnb says the guest did contact them about it and now they are waiting for yet another response from him. Without the final authorization from the guest they will not remove the review, although the guest has already acknowledged that it was meant for a different property. I notice that he has now responded to my review of him saying the review was for the wrong property, so it is clear that is his intention. After being shut down for Covid-19 and then the protests, I don’t know what the future of my Airbnb or of Airbnb in general will be.

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Contacting Airbnb through their Twitter account has always gotten us results when our phone calls weren’t. They used to respond quickly, and seemed more helpful, through that media channel. Good luck!

At least he was able to respond publicly and has clearly stated it was meant for another host. I think people reading the negative review will also see your response and his comment.

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You’ve replied so really I wonder if there’s much point in spending more time over it? In a few weeks the review will be on another page anyway and there are plenty of guests who only read the first page of reviews, if that.

I’d avoid the stress, time and trouble.

I don’t have any future bookings and I don’t want this on my listing as the first thing people see, since it is the last review. But I agree it’s not worth complaining about it here.


Please keep us updated - it is understandable how frustrating this is, especially in light of the lack of future bookings.

After a 71 minutes hooding, being transferred, being told the case manager was out, etc. Airbnb finally removed the review. My guest sent me a screen shot of his conversation where he asked them twice to remove it. It was in the message thread but for some reason it was really hard to get them to agree to do so. What I learned is calm, polite persistence. I understand that many of you may see this as ridiculous. But when it is safe, I want to be able to open up without a bad review as the first thing people see.


Congratulations. always nice to hear of a good outcome.
That’s what I always advise hosts when dealing with Airbnb CS- the 3 Ps- politeness, patience, and persistence.


I think this actually has grounds for removal because it falls under the “irrelevant review” category, but Airbnb seems really busy and understaffed at the moment so I don’t know how it’ll go.

The review was removed, OP updated us 2 posts above yours.

Edit: I edited the title to reflect the outcome.


You are correct in being concerned. I’m glad it worked out.

I had a rental for month of December on Airbnb. Private rentals February-May, which cancelled.

December rental left a bad review (long ugly sad story—unhappy she couldn’t check in early before the prior guest left and several more equally odd things )

When I reopened, my much smaller condo with all good reviews booked quickly. My larger condo has been extremely slow to book.

I can’t wait for the crazy review to be on the next page. Looks like it is going to take Jan-july for it to happen.

That is GREAT NEWS! Congratulations. How irritating that they didn’t just see that the guest wrote that it was not for you and just did their job. Frustrating.

I am very happy! Customer service has changed enormously since they let so many people go, and I have had a lot of glitches lately.