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We just had some difficult guests and unfortunately I had to use the resolution center for a broken item and missing key as well as a lock out fee. When I started my claim in the Resolution Center i was asked if it was property damage, extra fee, date change, etc. I picked property damage and added the broken item and keys, and pushed submit. I went back to add the ‘extra fee’ for the lock out, and now my only option is to close my property damage claim or discuss with guest. No option to ‘add on’ additional compensation request. Anyone have experience with this?? What do I do? I’m assuming call Air is going to be my next step. I already reached out to them on Twitter.

No idea but want to know the outcome. Would a digital lock solve your lock out problem?

Digital locks are handy things to have, at long as you buy a good one, and can afford it (they’re not cheap), and as long as you don’t have to mangle your door putting them in. Like everything, there’s tradeoffs.

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Unfortunately, our home owners association will not allow us to change the lock to a digital one. Not to mention this would not solve the issue of people locking themselves out of the front the gate.

Which one do you advice some digital lock?

Outcome is you can just ‘add’ things to the existing claim in the resolution center. I was skeptical as well, but since an Air rep contacts you to ‘approve’ the claim and restate the issues, I just added the forgotten invoice. I will let you know if they accept the additional invoice.

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Sorry, I don’t understand what you are asking me.

Do you have a model that you recommend?

This is heavily location-dependent. I’ve researched the (bad) options in India, but don’t really know anything about other places. Having said that, if you are in Western Europe or North America, you should have good options. What is your location?

We are in Sweden so I guess it’s easier for us.
I will continue to look.
I heard that Yale lock is soon coming and many people seems to say that it will be good.

Unfortunately, I have no first-hand experience of electronic/digital locks. You could post a question about electronic/digital locks in Western Europe or even Sweden.

Lockstate works for me, it is found in your dashboard under HOST ASSIST along with others.

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burg wachter tse 5012. works perfect

We have a Schlage that we got at Home Depot. It was expensive, over $200, but easy to install and works great! Guests really like it, too.

So what happened? Did the guest pay for the damage?:astonished:

Here is a link to a Reddit discussion about locks.

Sadly, Air only reimbursed us $25 for a figurine that the guests also broke. I learned my lesson, and now know the ‘ABB approved’ way of submitting claims

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I’d appreciate learning how to submit in order to be properly compensated.

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