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Resolution Center - Involve Airbnb

What happens when you are involved in a Resolution Center request and the guest refuses to pay for an item they admitted to destroying and you get to the point of clicking the Involve Airbnb button?

How, where, when and what did they destroy?

I only had it happen once. I figured the guest would deny and she did. Because I had opened a case two days earlier on this guest over disruptive behavior and bringing a stranger over, the stage was already set in my favor. Air takes two or three days and then gives you their decision. After which the money lands in your account like a payout would.

In most of the case, the guests will deny. But if you make a room status by check in, let the guests sign and write down if there is something wrong in the room, they wrote No…in case they destroy sth. the host muss sign the room status. If something on the list is broken, he should take a photo or make a video…at this time the guest can run away without signature. But that is no problem. You can just tell airbnb. And they will give your money back. Important is that you have notied down in the room status everything in details,like wall, door, corridor (stains, color…)and let the guest to fill everything and sign. Without this I could not get the money. With this i could. But the air team said I could not always do this, one time is ok, because they pay usually just the cleaning fee. I suggest you to ask them for cleaning fee. For example, if they make the wall dirty, you don’t say: I must call somebody to pain it. Because if you say so, they will say: Your wall is not new. You should say I have to ask somebody to clean the wall.

I suppose that is one strategy. But honestly, I would move on from any host that has this as a condition of booking. Makes me feel like the host doesn’t trust guests and is rather openly hostile about it. There is a fine line I suppose. This was the only denied damage I have had in almost seven years of hosting so those are pretty good numbers. And Air sided with me.

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See my post from this thread about how to successfully claim something via the resolution center. You have to have Invoices/Receipts or they will not pay

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