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Residential PV solar discount for AirBnB hosts


I have been hosting a river cabin in VA for a little over a month now. I am also a founder at Geostellar, a US national online market place. I have arranged for a discount for any AirBnB host a residential PV (Photo Voltaic) system for your home. This would only help hosts who own the residence (not apartments, condos or rented homes). Solar could be a great way to reduce expenses on your site as well as marketing it as a green space.
Go to Geostellar and put in the promo code AirBnB (yeah we put a lot of thought into that :wink:


Hi Butch,

It may help if you can explain to us what PV stands for and the gist of what your services are. Then if interested I will look further into your website. I like the idea of advertising as a green space - and who is most likely to be able to utilize your services.


PV is Photo Voltaic solar. Grid Tied solar would offset your electric utility bill.

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