Reservation deferred or cancellation fee avoided

Hey here is a newbie for me. I have strict" on my cancellation. So if someone cancels the day before, sorry (altho have refunded many). So have a guy arriving tomorrow for two nights. Today he changes the reservation for another two months. If he had cancelled because he cant make it one day in advance, then he would have lost the lot. Now of course, he has new options to cancel without losing the lot. Is this a new scam method to avoid paying the cancellation fee? Anyway, of course I let him to it because I am pretty booked all the time (so far). Anyone else had experience with this please?

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Yes - this is one way to circumvent a complete loss of payment to the guest. I see both sides of it - but they booked a strict policy listing and now want it both ways.


Yes. If I recall correctly they can cancel this now with no fee (24 hours?) then a 50% cancellation fee thereafter until 1 week before. Then, total loss. Will keep you informed. Regret I am expecting the worst.

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@sarah1 why did you accept the amendment to the booking?

In your situation I would have said that sadly it is too late to find a replacement booking, so I won’t be able to accept the amendment to the booking.


We learn a little late sometimes. I learned this the hard way too. But I have learned after the first time I got taken and it wont be happening again! Thanx forum for teaching me back then!

Yes I know all good advice from this site. I dont know why I just accepted it…my marketing soul? I completely agree with you. Thing is, would you believe it, have had another booking for exactly the same days soon after and they are arriving tomorrow.

Must say I am finding this site really great for feedback. Thank you.

Yes it’s been happening forever. No big deal - if it happens again just don’t accept the reservation change and get someone else in for the cancelled dates.


Yes, never accept a modification of dates that allows the guest to then be able to cancel.