Reservation confirmed spontaneously

Airbnb accepted a reservation on my behalf. Yesterday I received two messages from Airbnb. They both came in at 2 PM. One said that Ashley’s reservation has been confirmed. And while I’m thinking who the heck is Ashley, I saw the message that had her request. I wasn’t on Airbnb, I was looking through my email. And the reservation was for that day as if it was an instant book and I don’t do instant book. When I called them they said I must’ve accidentally hit accept. I am sure that happens but you have to be an Airbnb to have that happen. And they couldn’t explain why I got the confirmation before I got the request. After some back-and-forth I honored it but I wasn’t very happy.

It’s a Christmas immaculate booking miracle!


If you have IB, here’s a possibility.

Guest is automatically registered on 12 hours notice at my home with no reviews. She is in the air and impossible to reach. I don’t even know her arrival time. Air cancels her reservation. But she shows up anyway and cusses and insults me, and leaves with the CS number.

It turns out she stayed in her first home the night before. The site hasn’t caught up with this.

All kinds of crazy things happened when I had instant book which is why I discontinued it a year ago. This past incident happened without instant book.