Reservation cancelled but guest says she didn't initiate it

I had a guest make a reservation back in February for a 3 nite stay. I even called her, as I posted about our live convo on the dashboard (everything goes thru the dashboard, including synopsis of convo’s). A week before her stay, “she” cancels the reservation. Darn it all!

So I open up my V*** calendar, which is linked to Air, and boom! I get a replacement booking for 2 nights within 36 hours.

This a.m. the Air guest is irate…she didn’t cancel the reservation. I didn’t either!! Now she is rightfully furious. It was for an 80th birthday party for a Mother. The first thing I told her to was to call Air. Immediately. They are not answering. I gave her the 415 area code number as well as the 800 number, off of this site.

She can’t reschedule. I suggested she check out V***, or the rental Cottages in our neighborhood.

I am dismayed at this, but I didn’t have anything to do with it. Have others experienced issues with mystery cancellations?

Actually these numbers: United States +1-415-800-5959 +1-855-424-7262 (toll-free) +1-888-326-5753

So this cancellation is clearly visible on the Airbnb calendar? Did you get a ping from the App or was it email? How did you find about about the cancellation?

Also your title is confusing

fixed the title. Bad edit…

Yes, it was on the calendar all these months. The convo’s are in the dashboard. And on Thursday afternoon, exactly one week before her arrival, I get a notice via text, and a ping from the phone app, and email that she cancelled.
The below is what is on the dashboard:
“Reservation canceled by Meghan
These dates are now open for rebooking on your calendar.”

That’s bizarre. If she didn’t initiate it then it’s on Airbnb. This is where they earn their commission. You have it in writing that she cancelled so she can’t be mad at you.

You also have to consider the possibility that she did in fact cancel and for some strange reason she is claiming she didn’t.

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deep sigh…I do hope she gets ahold of Air. Thank you, K9.

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Split payment booking and the balance before arrival was declined on her card. IMO
She’s probably a little embarrassed to admit she’s skint.


Good thought. I think I see that she paid in full way before this cancellation.

Guess its not so important afterall:

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I gave up after calling twice and getting disconnected.
Thank you for your​ help. If something changes on your end please let me know

You could also call if for no other reason to set your mind at ease. If it’s a glitch on Airbnb’s side you want to be prepared. If it’s her you want to know in case she ever tries to book again. If Airbnb told me it was definitely her then I’d block her from re-booking just to be on the safe side.