Reservation canceled by AirBnb!

So to make story short , i am a SuperHost that made a first traveling reservation ever , in my own town while there was a festival . I made a reservation using only coupons i had .

I had 2 copuns of 100$ (200 total )and made 2 reservations in same place from 11th-12th and from 12th-13th.

i stayed in place and when i checked out on 13th i received a notification that my reservation 11-12 was canceled by AIRBNB and other one not and saying that my first reservation was flagged as ilegitmate reservation and i was fully refunded while everything went ok and i stayed for both nights.

Me and the host recived that we vialoited terms of service and we were only warned.

I dont understand what did i or we do wrong ?

Does this mean that my account is flagged and in risk now of being perma banned or what is going on ?

Thank you in advance

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I’d guess a bot at Airbnb thinks you two are making conflicted or self reservations to boost your reviews.

But funny thinf is they allowed us to review each other 2 times once for each reservarion

According to Airbnb you can only use one voucher per stay. I think technically your work around was not breaking any rules and the host may not even have been aware of it because they don’t see the payment side. I’ve often thought of combining my vouchers this way and now I know what can happened. It’s not right because you really didn’t break any rules. (2 separate bookings) but try telling that to Airbnb.


Also, “one night locally” sets off their party algorithms.

I doubt it. Many terrible hosts with terrible listings don’t get banned. It seems rather random.

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What explanation has Airbnb given you?

No explanation , only that we violates terms of service

It looks as though you were trying to get around the Airbnb ruling that only one coupon is allowed per stay. By breaking it up into two stays you have still violated TOS.

Yea exactly thats what i wanted to do . I didnt know it was against rules . My bad than . I hope i wont be banned for this mistake ….

It clearly states in the email to which the coupon is attached that it can only be used on a single reservation. Getting two coupons in one year and using them on two one day reservations in your city seems to violate the spirit, not the letter, of the policy. Airbnb probably suspects that you didn’t even stay and that you and the other host made some sort of arrangement to exchange money for the coupons.

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Yeah i see how it may look and i feel bad about it , i just honestly used 2 od them on one place just wanting to use them and not spend money when i already have them . Feels bad man…

Are you not aware of the Airbnb’s policy around not letting guests book who identify as party risks…how did you miss this :slight_smile:

You were making a local booking for one night as a new guest :slight_smile:

Either that or using a work around so you could use two separate travel vouchers.

Thanks for all the answer guys . I learnt new things every day here :slight_smile:

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