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Research to start to rent a room in a famous "favela" City of God- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Research to rent a room in City of God RJ (it’s a very famous “favela” in Rio de Janeiro, near the barra da Tijuca, Recreio and others beachs).

I’d like to know your opinion about this idea.

Thanks Guys.

What do you want to know??? We’re mostly not Brazilianos, so we can’t help you with location, pricing, licenses you might need, people you may need to bribe, etc.

We can give you ideas of what you should have in the accommodation – beds, utensils, bedding, ammenities like WiFi, Shower vs Tub, closet space, computer desk, refrigerator, etc.

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I agree with him Zahk. Most people don’t know where this place is.

I live in Brazil and i know where City of God.

You should see the security of the place and its attractions to those who will be staying in your home because as i know city of God is a slum that i saw in the movie, dosen’t it?

I like this idea, because many people doesn’t know how is the life inside a “favela” and this is the opportunity to see it.

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@Zahk, nao ficou claro se voce 'e o dono de uma propriedade na Cidade de Deus; alem do mais, o pessoal deste grupo nao tem a minima ideia sobre a Cidade de Deus. Crie o perfil da propriedade no airbnb com boas fotos e tenho certeza que voce tera gente interessada. So nao entendo o porque de pensar em alugar agora e nao ha meses atras durante as olimpiadas, nao faz o minimo sentido. Sucesso!

I’ve spent time in Brazil, and know enough to know that its a poorer area, that has gotten a lot of press lately. There are now favela tours in Rio and other parts of South America. I’m sure you would get people who want to experience real life in a favela. However, you must be upfront with security issues, inside your apartment and while they are int he immediate area. I have not been to Cidade de Deus, but have heard the stories, that may jsut be folk lore now, and it could be perfectly safe.

@KenH Hi mr ken

Thank you for your help. I have sure that i’ll need some help with accommodations and now i know that i can count you in to help me. Thanks.

@MissMiami tudo bem,

Sou eu o proprietário sim.
Voce tem toda a razão em dizer que poucos conhecem ou sabem a respeito da Cidade de Deus… foi erro meu :confused:

Durante as olimpíadas recebi dois amigos estrangeiros (um italiano e uma francesa). Eles ficaram na minha casa e foram eles que me deram a ideia de colocar um anuncio no Airbnb .Gostei da ideia e estou vendo se vale a pena investir nisso.

Muito obrigado pelo feedback
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