Requesting money from guests

Has anyone used the “Send or Request Money” option that I have only just noticed? I just used it twice to cover additional options that I have in my listing but that it is impossible to charge for in the current system? Sent a request, and guest(s) paid me ma moneh :smiley:

It’s been there the whole time for me. I’ve used it in the past when I ordered a pizza for my guests.

We use it for our car rental service and if something is missing or broken from the apartment.
We are also able to charge credit cards, but we prefer using Airbnb since there are no fees.

I have used it to charge guests for late fees or ride tips (after they have agreed in person to it, of course).

How long can it take to come through? Some guests left their sunglasses and a watch, so I requested a couple of quid to cover post to mainland Europe

The guests have to accept the request. I’ve found multiple guests have a hard time finding the link to accept. It’s not visible to them on the reservation page or in the message thread. Airbnb will email them a link to follow. Once the guest accepts you will get an email saying they sent you money and you are safe to post their possessions.

It may never come, if the guest does not want them bad enough to cover the actual costs you request. Many times I have had a guest say ‘oh, ok, if it will cost that much I’ll just buy an new xxx’ - or just never follow thru. Once they approve the request it happens instantly via airbnb…

And since the posting item story, I’ve just had a towel and a pillow case bleached with acne cream. I’ve asked the guest (via Airbnb message) if it’s ok to request some money. If they accept, all well and good. They offered to pay for a broken light cord when they left, I said not to worry, then found the towel and case!

Should I see if they pay, or go straight to resolution centre?

Yes because if they will just send via PayPal or similar UK systems it’s easier. That said, I consider bleached towels and pillowcases to be “cost of doing business.”


I’m pleased to hear that, as I didn’t feel 100% happy asking them to pay. I may well just consider it as a free dog towel x

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I’ve realized that as long as I do Airbnb I will never buy another towel, pillowcase, blanket, etc for my part of the house. I put the new, perfect items in the rental. I use the stained or torn things. Every roll of toilet paper I use has some removed because I put a fresh roll out for almost every stay. The Humane Society has already gotten one large bag of used towels from me.


Yeah, I do the same with toilet paper, fresh one on roll, fresh ones in their cupboard, and the half used one for me


NO! I mean the half UN-used roll for me…


I assumed correctly what you meant…LOL.