Requesting clarifications regarding the new Instant Book criteria

I just posted the following to

Hi. I have a question about Instant Book. In my account, at …, it is written: “Who can book instantly - Guests who meet Airbnb’s requirements, and also have: * Provided a government-issued ID * An average star rating of at least 4.5 out of 5 stars, including cleanliness and communication”. I have two questions: a) what is the minimum number of reviews required for this star rating to exist? No indication is given. Or, to put it another way, would one review suffice to obtain this star rating? b) What’s to stop this criteria from quietly disappearing from my listing? Based on comparison with fellow hosts, it does not appear in all hosts’s listings. If Airbnb is serious about this, it should appear in their permanent online documentation.

I’ll update as and when I get replies. One question - how many people are seeing the same language appear in their listings? If you see it, ping this thread, please. Thanks.

UPDATE: Actually, why doesn’t everyone post screenshots of what they see? And if an identical version has already appeared, just say: what so-and-so has. There seem to be a few variations floating around. Here is mine:

UPDATE 2: Airbnb’s reply

Hello Faheem, thanks for contacting us. We need to have from 3 to 5 reviews in order to create a guest star rating. To answer your question, a single review is not enough to have the mentioned average. For all hosts that are entitled to activate Instant Booking, we give the option to select the reservation requirements. Please, let us know if you have further questions.

Attentive readers will notice that they answered my first question but not the second. I’m debating whether I should press them on the matter. I was debating whether to point Airbnb to this thread. I think on balance better not - I think it’s better if this forum doesn’t attract official attention. Thoughts?

UPDATE 3: I replied:

Hi, thanks for the reply. First, I’m not unclear about the 3 to 5 thing. Is the minimum 3, or 4 or 5? :slight_smile: Second, you didn’t answer my second question. It seems from discussion on forums, that the same language does not appear on all hosts listings. But I think it should. So presumably this criteria applies to me for as long as it is in my account, and the criteria that other hosts have on their acount applies to them. This is not a good way to do things. I think clear and uniform criteria should be applied for all Airbnb hosts. Then we would know where we were. Since it’s clear that Airbnb wants to encourage IB, it’s in its interest to make these criteria as clear and uniform as possible.

UPDATE 4: Airbnb replied via Twitter:

Thanks for your message, Faheem, and for giving us the chance to clarify this for you. The minimum review amount is 3 because, if a guest reaches 5 stars in the first 3 reviews, the requested minimum average rate is already reached. After 5 reviews, we will create anyway a review rate for guest. We reserve the right to entitle hosts to enable instant book based on reviews and response rate, this is why some hosts are not having this option. We really appreciate the feedback you provided and we’ll make sure to pass it on our dedicated department for it to be evaluated. We’re here if you have further questions.

This is mildly helpful. So it sounds like Airbnb is deliberately giving different hosts different criteria. Which I suppose they are entitled to do. But they don’t have any explicit rationale for doing so. And the listed SH criteria could presumably change any time.

I’m not sure if enabling this instant book option would make any difference to me. Any guest that had 3 or more highly rated reviews I’d probably take without a second thought. Of course, if Airbnb was to change the SH criteria without telling me (as they probably would), that would be bad for me. Opinions?

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Hi @faheem, this is what I get:

I forget exactly but for hosts, don’t we need three reviews before the star rating kicks in? Maybe it’s the same for guests?

Perhaps, but they should say so explicitly. Also, they really need to uniformize these criteria if they want people to trust them. Another example of the pro-guest bias here.

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This is what i get and I don’t like it . ./… EDIT - I’m in the UK

Why don’t you like it?

I can’t remember the thread it was on - but there is another thread on here talking about this.

There is another version of the above - where there is another line for some hosts stating guests must be 4* above in ratings for house rules and cleaning

If someone has that, post it, please.

It’s on here @faheem

Hi @Kirsty_Jane,

Yes, I remember that thread. I guess I could have continued that thread, but since I was focusing on this particular issue, I chose to start another.

I don’t think anything much has changed …

The reply from airbnb shows, that Airbnb don’t want to clearify IB. And IB is way of force bookings that guests don’t know the conséquences of, and that host automatically accept guests that, are not appropriate for ig my apartment. It is in the interest of both guests and host to get this Instant booking clearified or abandonned.
Lots of guests have less than 3 reviews.

Hi @Kirsty_Jane,

If you “it” you mean

then I don’t see it in the Experimenting with instant book - #70 by faheem thread. Or am I misunderstanding you? I haven’t seen that version. If someone has it, post it, please. Thanks.

you posted it!

Hi @Kirsty_Jane,

Oh. That’s 4.5 stars. You said “4*”, i.e. 4 stars. Sorry, I thought you were talking about a slightly different version. Apologies for the confusion.