Report a guest inquiry

Hey folks I got an inquiry asking several questions and the exact street address. ABB flagged it and asked if I wanted to report guest and reminded that all transactions must go through ABB. I didn’t follow the flag thinking it’s an honest mistake and wrote to the potential guest that it is against the rules of Airbnb to give out the exact address. She then asked several other questions and said she’d like to book for a month and maybe a second month with what she would pay cash for. Now my antenna is up, and told her all transactions must go through Airbnb. She also wanted a discount and several other things so I never gave her a special offer and I haven’t written back to her. My question is this: at this point to report a guest who is trying to skirt the rules in two different areas? I haven’t had any other communication with her . We will not be sending her a discounted special offer as she requested and if she requests a stay at regular price still be turning her away. Too many questions and demands and no self education about ABB, or is this a scammer of some sort.

Yes, go ahead and report her. Even if Airbnb doesn’t do anything about it, it should keep you from hearing from her. It’s been a long time since I reported or flagged an inquiry so I don’t know what the menu says but block her if you can.


Report her, please. She’s nothing but a red flag.