Replying to good public reviews

Hi Folks, I reply to all Public Reviews with a Thank You. But it seems rather pointless if the review is a good one. Perhaps I should be (publicly) offering a discount for future stays, or not bother to reply at all. What do you do?

I do a personalised thank you based on what has been said by the guest.

For me if someone has taken the time to say lovely things about me and my home, it is only polite for me to acknowledge this.

Personally, I wouldn’t include information on a special offer.

You can send this via Airbnb’s messaging system.

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Good reviews I don’t reply to publicly. I may send a private message through the system if they said especially nice things.

I don’t reply to reviews and I find most replies I read on other listings to be irksome. Occasionally it will clue me into a crazy host I don’t want to stay with.

I have messaged a number of guests after a review in the message thread. That’s where I will tell them things like message me at my cell number if the room appears to be booked and I’ll make it available if I have it blocked, that sort of thing. I wouldn’t want that info in the public part where anyone could read it.


I normally don’ either however in a few cases where circumstances have to be explained and where the guests review is totally wrong, in the case of being kicked out due to breaking a major house rule of throwing a party then I do only to explain the situation and why the review was written.

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Yes, I would correct a review that was incorrect. Over 400 reviews and I’ve never gotten one with text that was wrong. I did get a 1 star review accompanied with an over the top glowing review. I messaged the guest privately about it but it didn’t get changed. When she stayed with me on the return trip she made sure to select 5 stars instead of 1. :wink:

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I do reply to all reviews. In the beginning, I responded to good reviews with a thank you type message bc I was new and excited, but now I do it because it seems wrong not to when I have been for so long. On the plus side, if you ever have to respond to a bad review, it stands out less amongst all the other responses.


If they were a true delight, I send them a message through AirBnb saying thank you and offering them a discount on their next stay. I don’t make that public because then every Tom, Dick and Harry will be asking for a discount LOL.


Everyone does what works, but I feel that in a double-review system, the “thanking” has already been done, so no need to reply.
Thank you. No, thank you. No, thank you.


Thank you all. Most helpful.


My sister-in-law works in the industry and specialises in reviews. She says that research shows you should respond to x% (problem is I can’t remember what x is! But it was around the 50% mark). She says that you respond to the most detailed ones and use it to suggest something else positive e.g. next time you stay, make sure you visit blah.

I make an extra special effort to say thank you.

In the first instance it is only polite. The guests have made an effort that in marketing terms is called electronic word of mouth (eWOM). These comments stay next to your listings for ever and are powerful ways to attract new guests.

In the second instance it is another way of re enforcing the message you want to appear when prospective guests are looking to book.

So when a guest says your house is close to the shops, I respond with a “YES the house is close to some of the best independant shops that the town has to offer. There are great places to eat there too”. I am sure you get the gist.

Finally I answer all reviews as a way to bury bad comments. The inclination is that when you get a bad review you give them both barrels in a public rant. The trouble with this strategy is that it brings more attention to the bad review. By answering every review the bad ones are crowed out by your positive message.