Replay of "Cleaning Your Space"

You know I wouldn’t keep this to myself! I’m a sharer by nature, which means I’m sharing one of the videos of my "Spring Clean Your Airbnb Challenge: Cleaning Your Space” class.

See how much fun we’re having discussing:

  • Dirt and what’s a cleaning priority.

  • Easy upgrades to double your room’s income. Yes, DOUBLE!

  • Plus, check out Paul’s amazing spot in Puerto Rico.

Did you know I do quick reviews of listings at the end of each class? Oh yes, I do.

I even give Paul some pointers. None of us are above pointers, right?

Oh, and this coming week’s topic will be photos. They’re the gateway to your listing! So join in, and let’s get your Airbnb Picture Perfect!

  • Do you know how many photos are too many for your listing?

  • Do you know why your first 6 photos are crucial?

  • Do you know how your previous guests will sell your space?


Next week’s FREE class, “Spring Clean Your Airbnb Challenge - Your Photos,” will have everything to do with photos and how to get the best photos for your specific listing.

Register now! You still have time!

Join my next “Spring Clean Your Airbnb Challenge: Cleaning Your Photos,” and let’s get those photos all nice and pretty.

Until the next “shot!”

Happy Hosting,


P.S. By registering, you’ll get all the goodies I gave away for the first class. What? Yes, I’m a giver.

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Life got totally in the way of last weeks class, I was so disappointed to miss it.

And now you can 'cause it’s on replay.

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