Replacing the entire set of keys

Although it costs X to replace a key, I’d feel very uncomfortable knowing that a host may have stolen (not lost) a key.

Is it reasonable to charge guests to have the entire lock replaced if they lose a key? If so, how does that happen on Airbnb?

Do you mean a guest has stolen a key?
You could ask for a change of locks. I am not sure whether Airbnb would back you up.

I think you would need to have it in your rules. Sorry to say that I don’t think airbnb will charge the guest for that.

If you can get an automatic lock it can save you from the fear that someone will copy the key. It also solves the problem of people leaving your door unlocked if that is a problem.

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Nope. I’m just working on a hypothetical situation here. I was reading a horror story the other day where a guest came back and robbed a host.

If a guest were to tell me that they lost a key, what should I do? If he/she were lying, replacing the key would leave the property unsafe and it seems prudent to replace the whole lock.

In that situation, could the guest be charged for the whole replacement?

We had that situation once when we still had a regular lock and we did charge them to change the lock. They were a bit strange and they came back and gave us cash for it instead of paying via the app.

If they’re planning on robbing you, I would think that they would be more likely to copy keys than to pretend to lose them.


Hi Fahed,

I don’t know if Air would pay for a complete change of lock, but if a guest said they had lost a key, I would certainly ask them to pay for the whole caboodle., via the platform.

Use a keypad, problem solved

I agree. It would be a bit stupid to actually tell the host that you had “lost” a key and make yourself a prime suspect.
On the other hand, some keys are difficult and/or expensive to get copied. I just have old-fashioned ones but I’ve heard of some, particularly building keys, where you need to have proof of residence to get a copy made.

It’s an interesting safety point you make, @Fahed. Do you host a lot of local people?

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We have keypads these days but for the years that we had regular keys, I can only remember one guest who lost the door key. So it’s not a thing that’s common here and I agree with Jane that anyone wanting to rob your rental would simply have keys cut. @Fahed have your guests lost a lot of keys? If so have you any idea why?

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I hear ya bro… easy peesey… first thing I purchases when I started this, gives everyone involved a chance to get on with their lives & adventures .lol

These keys can’t be cut (in theory at least). They’re of a specific type which require you to show your ID to the original manufacturer.

I’m new to hosting! Only 5 sets of guests so far.

Yeah! I’d love to get an automatic lock! I just don’t know if the door will accommodate it. Will look into it now. Thanks

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And as a guest, I would most certainly not pay for the cabooble …
a replacement key … yes.