Renting Timeshare Units on Airbnb

I have noticed hosts on Airbnb who have several dozen listings, all of them timeshare units. Does anyone know how they pull this off? All of these people cannot possibly own enough timeshare to have 75 listings, many with several recent reviews. There’s something I’m missing and I can’t figure out what. For instance:

My guess is that James is a property manager/broker. He doesn’t own anything. As someone who is trying to book up timeshares I’d say “albatross juggler” is an apt label for him.

I know if you belong to certain vacation clubs, you can get unlimited excess inventory at a deeply discounted price. Since he has a “strict” cancellation policy, I suspect he gets an Airbnb booking, then after the 48 hour period , he books the timeshare property. If it would become unavailable in the meantime, we would simply cancel the Airbnb booking.

Not sure if technically you can do that, since it’s only you or your family that are normally allowed to stay there, but with lock box self check in at some resorts, it would enable you to skirt that rule.

One thing for sure: this is 100% the kind of thing I hate to see on Airbnb, hate to be on the same platform with, and situation I would never book under any circumstance.