Renting private rooms in a house where we don't live

Ussualy I rent my pool house to longer stays to workers mostly. And I love it. These 2 last month I has no Inquirieas or those who wanted to pay exact half price. I rented by room. 4 rooms alltogether.
I am there most of the day . But at night If all is rented I go home.
And this is when things start to happen. During these 2 months I has following incidents:

  1. Guests brought 5 MORE people . We had to kick them out at 2:30 am because of noise
  2. One couple did drugs, they told me because he is diabetic and me being completely illiterate in drugs use believed them at first.
    Then police came along with ambulance
  3. 2 women start fight that lasted …3 hours. Noone could sleep
  4. One night I slept there …house was empty. A middle-aged woman opened front door with an old code (obviously I failed to erase it, still don’t know how to do it)., walked in and headed toward master bedroom. She arrived in a very yellow car. I remembered that car but couldn’t figure out who it was . She went to the bathroom and when she came out I was waiting for her.
    She just took her bag and left. Not a word.
  5. One couple took a knife from kitchen, cut others guests luggage and took a bunch of goodies . Then the rubbed guests blames me that I have no locks on doors. My fault but I never rent this house like this. On another hans , don’t you see there are no locks and you leave money and cell phones in your luggage.
  6. And this is the last but not least:
    A young boy around 22-24 arived at the house . Next morning I saw him sitting in front doing yoga. I told on backyard .
    Next he started walking toward plaza with …only underwear on. No shoes.
    Then 2 hours later I heard popping notice. Sounded like balloon being popped.
    It tookw awhile to track the sound. The boy was sitting outside, again in front of the hOuse enhaling laughing gas from metal containers. He reassured me it’s legal but when I went online I read it’s only legal when medical.professional. administer them.
    I kicked him.out …with a lot of noise.
    To finalize : 6 incidents, 3 police visits and one ambulance. Not even 2 full month’s.

I myself stayed in houses like this many many times. All over the world. When owner was no present overnight or at all. Nothing ever eve happened .
I am not doing this anymore. Thankfully I rentws it doe 3 weeks starting Monday to my favourite workers .
By the way does anyone know how to delete code from.Quick set? Googled and instructions don’t work

No real idea about your lock, but… removing the batteries may clear the memory?
Your recent experiences with your home really distresses me and I admire you for going forward!

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What model?


You have to enter the master code first.

No. If you didn’t need a master code and could just take out the batteries then any guest could change the code.

What master code? It said when I googled to take batteries out but it didn’t work

Hi am not sure, I will check tomorrow

Believe me it distressed me too . I am not new to hosting, it will be 4 years and I have my stories to tell …but this frequent occurrence is seriously off-putting
I am wondering if these trouble guests learned a trick or two .

When you got the lock you had to program in a master code. If you don’t know it you will have to get a new lock. Without a master code anyone could change the codes by googling instructions.

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Most Keyless entry locks have the master code on the inside. You have to physically take the lock apart to access the code.

I have two homes that we rent out room by room that we do not reside in. We have had very few issues but we do have separate door locks on all bedroom doors to ensure privacy and safety. I understand your wanting to get it rented because of the income but while I would discount during the slow period I would make sure it was high enough to discourage certain groups of individuals from renting a room. You didn’t say if you have IB on or not but I would suggest doing inquiries only if you do room by room in your area so that you can review the guest as much as possible. Sounds like you had a bad run, unfortunately the majority of us have had them. I had to kick a couple out because of drinking and fighting and disturbing other guests over a holiday…it didn’t make either one of us happy.

In my case If I put higher prices noone I am on IB when I rent by room as again if I don’t there is too much competition. It’s not my slow season. It’s actually very high season. Don’t know why I don’t get my usual workers . I am the only house there with my price range. It’s like someone put a spell on it.