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Renting a place to rent out to Airbnb? UK

I’ve had pretty good results renting out rooms where I live at Bath, UK, a popular tourist place. So what I now want to do is rent a place at town for Airbnb, anyone out there from UK and have done the same? Rent to rent to Airbnb?

Not sure how the laws are in the UK, but here in the States, many cities are cracking down on this sort of thing. It’s not quite ethical, and is becoming illegal. What you do with property you own outright is one thing; what you do with property you are renting from someone else is another – it leaves the actual owner liable if something goes wrong.

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It’s called ‘sub-letting’. (!) If your prospective landlord let property to you believing it to be your long-term home, shouldn’t think they’d be v impressed with you simply using their investment to make your own profit, while carrying none of the risk! Most rental agreements outlaw subletting. I say buy your own place, pay your own mortgage, take your own insurance, and then, only then, take your own profit.


Sounds like a bad idea. No lease I have ever seen allows for sub letting, except on an occasional basis and with the owner/landlords express permission. I live in Uk and have lived in USA for 20 years, the same applies in both countries. You are asking for an eviction in my opinion.

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Hi Henry

I live in the UK near you in the west country.

As others have said and as I am sure you are aware - it’s illegal in the vast majority of cases to sublet the property you live in if you rent it.

You can of course choose to disregard this but if your landlord finds out they can cancel your lease and the poor people who have booked with you would find themselves without accommodation.


I don’t think it’s s great idea not least because of your tenancy agreement. What no-one has mentioned is the 90 day rule which means the maximum period of time you could legally list the property is 90 days.

So even if your landlord agreed to Airbnb, you can only do it for a maximum of 90 days. The rest of the time you’d need to do it as a long term let which is ultimately less lucrative and unlikely you’d make a profit.

@Henry_Lea - This topic has come up many times. In addition to any comments you get here, you can search the forum for tenants, renters or lease and you’ll find lots of other info.

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