Rental Agreement

I have my guests sign a separate rental agreement. I would like to do this online but can’t find a post to show me how to do this. I am surprised Airbnb does not offer this service. Now I email it to them and they bring it along with ID when checking in.

Is is valid to send and receive a digital contract to the anomalous email address Air B&B offer for the guests?

I have started asking guests to sign an agreement during check in. I let them know in advance, so far no one had any problem with this.

I’m intrigued for those of you using separate agreements; in the case of something going wrong and breach of contract how would you pursue an international resident?

I would use Hello Sign or Docu Signstrong text

To revive an old thread, I have seen the use of rental agreements, more so on VRBO than AirBnb. I’ve used AirBnb often myself for travel and have never been asked to sign one.

Has anyone else used separate rental agreements? It seems like a lot of extra hassle to me, but some suggest using them.


I am just not sure about this one, and they might be a waste of time because anything they sign would be superseded by Air’s policy. Say for example someone canceled and they were refunded in line with Air’s policy and not yours? You were paid out already and Air takes it back (happened to me at Christmas) Then you spend the next several weeks earning it back by honoring reservations you are docked for. How is your personal agreement or contract going to help you?

So you do not do them?

Yes, it seems like an extra layer of headache!

No I don’t. Airbnb really doesn’t allow a way to do this. You agreed to their TOS which might supersede your own contract. Maybe other on the forum would know more about this particular qquestion.

I had looked it up and saw something from AirBnb saying that some guests do it, blah, blah. I’m not really feeling it’s necessary, given the policies and such from Air. I think I can mark that one off the list!

If you have a big party house at a ski resort maybe then you could insist on a contract, but not here. I would set a security deposit though.

Yes, I plan to do a deposit, obviously for damages, but also for excessive cleaning that may need to be done. The cleaning lady was just telling us about one incident she had, where the guests had told the host it would be a party of 3, but the messes and cleanup took them 6 hours!

Keep in mind that you may not be able to collect that for extra cleaning. Air has been known to deny it. The deposit and host guarantee is strictly reserved for damages.

So… you MUST make it clear that the cabin must be left in the same condition it was found. That said you can threaten to charge them for extra cleaning, even though it may not be enforceable.

See… it’s a bit fraught hosting from so far away. You have to have clear rules, cameras and a reliable crew. It sounds like you do…so you should be fine!

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Thanks for that point. Hoping, by keeping rates on the higher end, standards high, reiterating rules and filtering well I can avoid most or all of that altogether.

Can you please share a copy of the rental agreement please? I would like to ask my guest to sign one but a long term ones do not quite fit the circumstances of STR. Thank you!

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