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Rent Your Space Out to Film Companies

Whether you have a house or flat, palace or garage, shop or shed. There is now a new peer-to-peer marketplace site that will allow you to let out your space to film and television production companies.

It works exactly like Airbnb and is totally free to sign up and list your locations.

Please feel free to add you locations!


Is that just for Europe?

Nope worldwide. It’s very early days @JonYork but I want the site to have locations all over the world (just like airbnb) big or small.

I was recently trying to find a location for a short film I have in production and was frustrated I couldn’t just go to a site find a persons home that looked like what I needed and hire it in minutes.

So I set up the site!

Great idea!! Do the ‘guests’ deal with all the city permits etc?

What type of homes do you need? What if it’s just a plain urburban home? (Urburban is my word for a house that is in a suburban like feeling that is a shade urban because of it’s proximity to a city).

There is no wrong type of location!! It’s for every home/shed/boat all over the world.

I have a friend who leased his space for filming. He said he’ll never do it again because of the damage and mess, even though they expected this to some degree. (It was his principal residence so he’s attached to the space.) Everything gets moved around of course, tons of people and equipment are in and out of the space everyday (not just a few actors but the entire film crew and all the production assistants means 25+ people), and there was pretty extensive damage to his floors, walls, and minor damage to furniture.

So just be prepared – might be a better option for those who aren’t too attached or protective of their space and furnishings.


Is this post for place for people to stay at while filming, or for places to be filmed?

So many unanswered questions!

I think that most hosts have had enquiries from film companies in the past. I have always denied them. There are the permits, more insurance, disruption for neighbours, additional wear and tear etc.

Sometimes I have thought that the ‘film company enquirers’ have just been looking for a cheap deal because there are plenty of location-scout services out there.

I once had a guest who was a location scout and she paid for a night in our rental completely legitimately in order to evaluate the place. She was interested in using our location for film or TV (I forget which) but the logistics just didn’t gel.


That is true, I rented my boat once but was forewarned before. Told them I wouldn’t do for less than 5k for the 2 days of filming They for will try to start sweetening the deal, telling you about the opportunity of being in a mayor production and so on. After all was over, changes they made (Name of Vessel) so on removed and restored to original condition. I found myself extremely satisfied
I expected to probably repaint, fix teak decks etc for about $2.5k and nothing of the sort was necessary
If you carefully negotiate it comes to a very nice deal

Had a quick look at your site. I can’t believe that people would want to rent a place to a film company for those sort of ridiculously low prices.

There is so much involved in renting to film and TV companies, those doing shoots for magazines and food etc.

Insurance, contracts to be sorted out, etc

If I wanted to rent my place out I would do it through a location company, who are experts at liaising between home owners and these companies and have the infrastructure to make it happen as painlessly as possible.

Thanks for all these comments guys. Currently very busy editing a documentary (day job)
I have literally only just started this site so please bare with me! I will be looking at tackling the issues you guys have raised, but right now just needed to get the word out.

The idea came to me when I simply couldn’t find the right sort of location I needed for a short film I’m currently making. Everything has to start somewhere right? Airbnb started with two guys leasing out their spare room to afford the rent each month!

But thanks for the comments, I’ll post an update once I am able to sit down and get my next action points resolved.


Just a word of advice from someone who manages communications for a living. You’ve got it rather the wrong way around.

You need to do your research first, make sure the product is right and robust, user test your site from a home owner and film maker point of view, get legal advice around terms and conditions (you have none at the moment) make sure you have a marketing strategy and budget in place and then and only then should you have your site go live.

I think the concept could work with quite a lot of refinement and proper marketing.

However at the moment there is little incentive for home owners to sign up or those looking for a location to visit it.

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You might want to keep your day job and pitch your idea to Air or someone else with the technology and infrastructure in place.


Haha. Thanks @konacoconutz I’ll keep on with my day job don’t you worry. And from UK production companies I’m getting some good feedback. Thanks for the support though :wink:

Well Jonny, then you may want to pony up some cash to pay for proper marketing instead of spamming an Air host forum. Posts like yours are normally deleted. And may still be. Don’t you worry. :wink:

Yep all over that too @konacoconutz this was just a little tie dip to test the water. Technically only made one post so not spamming just yet. And spam annoys me as much as the next person so don’t worry I won’t be doing any repeat posts etc.

Have a nice day x

I’m sure they do :slight_smile: they get access to a cheap as chips property with homeowners unused to letting out their place so can walk all over them.

In a former life I heading up comms for a London borough which included the film unit which negotiated with ad, film, tv companies wanting to use some of it’s more famous buildings, housing estates, parks and other locations.

So i have a good understanding of what’s involved.

By the way whether you make one post or fifty it’s still spam if you are advertising your service contrary to the rules of this forum (you are)


Should that be crisps? :smiley:
Appreciate your comments and experience, Helsi!

Not on this side of the pond :slight_smile:

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