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I am lookiñg at listing on other sites apart from Airbnb and stayz. I was thinking of but after searching and reading here have decided against that one. Does anyone use What out trip advisor?

Are you looking to rent a place or rent your space?

Hi Oded

I have hosted for many years and have been on this forum since 2015 so I am asking as a host not as a guest. Have you used Rent By Owner or know of it? As I said in my first message I am looking at listing on other sites so am obviously a host

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I get a few clients from them.

Does Expedia work similar to though?

Yes it’s very similar

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I get bookings from trip advisor and have had no problems with them.

It might help folks on this forum to make suggestions if you could define why you have chosen not to list on

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I can’t synch with tripadvisor and homeaway so not using them.

@sylvainbg – do you have a whole house rental or a room? I’d like to learn more because I’ve been on Flipkey/TripAdvisor since last Feb. and have gotten only four reservations from it, or about 10 percent of our total thus far. So I’m looking at this discussion thinking maybe I should try another place besides Airbnb.

I sync my Airbnb w/FlipKey/TripAdvisor – there is a way to do that. It automatically pulls in the Airbnb calendar, but I don’t have it go back the other way. It works okay for me because I’ve gotten less than 10 percent of bookings from TripAdvisor. I have instant book only on Airbnb and not on TripAdvisor/Flipkey. For those bookings that come thru Flipkey, I then go back and block out Airbnb for those dates, but I’m always terrified of a double booking. Yes, it’s manual, but I’ve heard on more than once occasion that the automated calendars didn’t sync between two platforms. Would love to know if someone has had perfect performance between two platforms.

I Was meaning With Price dynamic sink as my Price are dynamik. My place is a full appartment

There was a post put up yesterday by BandB (I think) telling us how has brought him better business in 2017 than Air. A few others confirmed this was their own experience but when I went back to re-read the post, I couldn’t find it. Odd.

We’re on Trip Advisor but have had very few bookings from them, and two out the three were awful experiences.

I deleted it. It reeked of spam. It read like poorly written ad copy; six mentions of in six sentences and then just coincidentally, a referral link.


We thought this might be the case. I think that’s why we went back for another read, then himself looked at’s set up(s), tried explaining these to me, and I ended up with a headache…

Ah, thanks. That would be an improvement – to be able to sync pricing.

I used to hate Flipkey, now TA, but it’s gotten better. I think a few reviews really helped shape the kind of guests I was getting. For a while they were the wrong kind. If you list on TA, you can ask previous guests… or anyone at all… to write a review for you. Once I had a few reviews the difference in guest quality was amazing.

I’m also on WIMDU, which used to send me single solo travelers from Europe. I’m on Glamping Hub as well. Their guests have been mostly misses. I sometimes wonder if people use that platform after getting really bad reviews on Air. I had a bad experience and the platform agreed to kick the guest off.


I’m glad you posted this question. I’m wanting to list on a site in addition to Airbnb. I was listed on VRBO and received only 1 booking in 18 months and the guest left a review complaining that the sofa wasn’t comfortable. (I’ve sat on it many times and taken naps on it…I don’t understand the complaint; anyway I digress).

I’ve considered Booking.

I listed on Airbnb years ago because it was the newest and my listing was a little fish in a little pond. Now I’m a little fish in an ocean of Airbnb rentals.

I’m looking forward to getting ideas too.

Anyone have experience with “”?

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Rent by owner seems to be a search engine? My listing is on there and when I click it, it directs to my listing on booking .com

I read a few things here about it an dot seems to be aimed more at hotels.