Rent a Room Scheme

Is there anyone on here that rents their entire house on Airbnb (so not present during the stay)? If so, please will you let me know what you do when you do your tax return and whether you claim rent a room scheme? HMRC are quite ambiguous and I have had several different responses to this so I would like to know an answer from someone that has done it!


Rent a room is exactly that. Available for those renting a room in their own home.

So not applicable to those like you, who are renting an entire house.

How you will do your taxes depends on how you have registered your property i.e. holiday let? business? and your personal financial situation. You can either do your own tax return taking into account income and expenses or if your affairs are complicated you might want to use an accountant.

The grey area is that it is my main private residence that I rent out on ad hoc basis - mostly when I’m already away. So that is where the ambiguity lies.

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Ah you didn’t say that in your initial post !!

If you are offering a whole listing, then I can’t see how you can claim under the rent a room scheme. However if you feel there is a grey area, why not speak to an accountant.

I’m guessing rent-a-room won’t apply, but if it’s only occasional, it might not cost too much in tax, like working part-time (depending on other incomes you have

That’s what I meant by my entire house. Thanks

There is some stuff on the HMRC website. I think if it’s your genuine usual residence you are allowed to rent the whole thing whilst you’re on holiday etc. and get the Rent a Room Scheme relief. If you can’t find the information on the website, then yes ask an accountant.