Renovating 1974 mini Winnie to rent out and use personally

Hi all! This year I started to gut and completely rebuild a 1974 Winnebago and I was considering renting it out through airbnb in our backyard but I have a few concerns!
The first being our bathroom situation. Since it is a mini winnebago, there isnt room for a bathroom inside so we were considering building an outhouse because we already have a portable camper toilet and then building a shower out from the side of that. We live in a busy historic area of our town so I know that our location is good but I wonder how a guest would take having to use an outdoor shower and outhouse, even if they are very clean and nice looking.

Second concern is that although we live in a great historic neighborhood with a fun local community, we live a couple streets away from an area that has a bit more crime than some would feel comfortable with. Although nothing has happened to us and we have security lights and cameras, I’m not sure how someone outside of our community would feel about that.

@Michelle_Fleck. Be honest in your listing narrative. Brutally honest. Don’t pretend that outhouses are for everyone. Be direct. If there are less savory areas nearby, again, be honest. Don’t use silly words like transitional neighborhood. And then your people will find you.

Winnebagos are among the most booked non-traditional houses on AirBNB. People LOVE renting and staying in them.

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Thank you! I read something before, Underpromise and over-perform. Although I am worried about the outhouse, I’ve stayed at several Airbnbs with them and they didnt hinder my stay, if anything it made our trip feel more secluded. Because were going to have the camper in our backyard were going to also have a firepit and table so they’re able to enjoy some space outside. And although our neighborhood is a little sketchy in some parts, its right in the middle of three beautiful and historic neighborhoods with shopping areas so hopefully it wont deter anyone.

Of course it will deter people, and that is a good thing! You want people who embrace what you are offering. You want them to have selected your place for its unique characteristics. You won’t want people who are looking for suburbia and a Disney experience.


Thank you! exactly! This camper is something I am putting my all into! Literally starting from the bottom and building it up with recycled materials and local goods. I think that for people who enjoy being outside and around a strong local community it will be good.