Removing tattoo ink from bed sheets?

I haven’t run into this stain before!

Apparently one of my guests got a tattoo and removed the covering before sleeping in my brand new sheets. :rage:

Anyone have suggestions for removing this?

I’ve had this. I did get the stains out, I just don’t remember how. Things to try: Dawn, usual stain treatments, I’ve used strong cleaners like Goo Gone on textiles and then rinsed and laundered. Maybe peroxide if there’s blood mixed in. Oxyclean is another standard.

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If not come out, communication to guests. "While prepping for next guests, the following ink had been introduced by your party to our new sheets. Per the rental agreement, please remit $175 for replacement sheet set. You were entitled to the old sheets, please include $30 if you wish us to postal mail them to you. "

If they refuse, next communication is that a case will be opened in the local court per the rental agreement. Please remember that you will be responsible for our legal costs, including lawyer and collections.

This is assuming that your rental agreement is solid. A lot of this is bluff. Just hearing it will often bring payment

Thanks! That’s encouraging to hear you got it out!

Dawn is miracle soap! Might give that a shot.

The internet suggests hairspray, which I’ve heard of for regular ink. Not sure which to start with!

Wd40 sometimes does interesting ng things

LOL. Do you really threaten court action over sheets?

They’re a $50 set from Target, so no reason to go scorched earth. Normally I’d charge them, but this guest has stayed with me each year since I opened. She brought the stain to my attention, apologized for what she described as her inconsiderate friend, and offered to pay.

For a reliably good guest, especially one who is up front about damage, I’ll eat the cost if the stain doesn’t come out.
No need to Call Saul :joy:


This happened to me … vegetable glycerin worked.

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It is called bluffing. Many times if they refuse to pay, a whiff of court makes them pay up.

For sure. I’ll keep that in my back pocket for a real problem guest.

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As a person with many tattoos, 16 at the moment, I have never had issues removing the drainage from a tattoo from my sheets. I am pretty careful to keep it covered but accidents happen. This was just rude, in my opinion. I would pretreat, of course. I use Resolve and it has gotten everything out, even an old oily stain in a dark sheet that I missed and dried. That stain is a mixture of tattoo ink, some blood and plasma. Good Luck! It really shouldn’t be all the difficult.

I’ve had it this a few times - it’s popular to get tattoos in our city. Hairspray is what worked for me - I called a tattoo shop and that’s what they recommended. Spray and blot and blot and spray and dab and blot. It will come out!

Somebody has been watching SUITS or another dramatical court-drama show LOL :joy:

That show is so great! I feel bad for liking this over Breaking Bad but Saul is the best. (%lawyering :slight_smile: )

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