Remove review, do the stars go away?

If you have a review removed, does the total number of reviews drop by one? Do the stars given get removed from your average?
I have a four star review from a while ago and I did not know then I could have it removed since he did not stay at my house. The guest screwed up their dates and I let them move to my neighbor’s home, the neighbor was not yet on ABB so the guest reviewed me.
If I ask them to remove it, will my average improve?

Wait- how were they able to review you if their stay was cancelled? Or did you still manage their stay (and get paid for it) and just put them in a different house? If it’s the latter, then the review will still apply to you. There’s no way Air will remove that.

Depends on the CS agent you get. I’ve had two reviews removed and the stars went too. I’ve seen others post differently.

As has been said before, it depends. There isn’t a definitive answer, as far I know.

I had a discussion with a CS at Airbnb about me removing a guest review (which I declined to do) and they said that the guests “stars” would still be there. By which I’m assuming they meant the five star review the guest left us, as opposed to the three star review I left them.

Maybe best to have a chat with a CS and ask them what would happen in your specific case.


Yes, they called me the day before their stay and explained they booked the wrong night. I was already booked so let them stay at my neighbor’s and passed through the money. It was my very first month on ABB and my neighbor was not yet on ABB, so we just did it without asking how.
Now that I am experienced, I realize that should not be my review!

Yes, that should be your review. You rented to the guest. You took the reservation and took the money, regardless of where you actually had them sleep. The review is all yours.

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I suppose I consider it not my review as it does not review my places, so it does not help future guests, though I see your point and, of course, now that I know how things work, I would simply have the guest cancel and rebook. And I likely would not give them a refund unless I rebooked. Helping my neighbor was the only positive about this one.

How is that helping your neighbour? It sounds like the neighbour helped you and your guests out here?

Air doesn’t easily take down a review but in this case it sounds like they should but if its a long time ago, they might not be bothered?
What did CS say about it?

I have just had a review removed because it: it breaches Airbnb policy. If you’d like, you can find our review guidelines here:

And the stars have disappeared as well. I know this as I noted how many reviews I had before and after the review disappeared and it went down one. However, everything in Airbnb is fluid…so never get too comfortable and certain.


Helping my neighbor by giving them a booking. It really wasn’t help to me as a business, but was in terms of being kind.
My neighbors were acting as my onsite hosts so I was happy to help them by being kind to the guest and losing the rent myself. Now that I am more experienced, I would tell the guest to cancel and would only refund it I could rerent.

“Fluid” is a good descriptor. Even the review guidelines are subject to interpretation.

I don’t have to like my reviews, and sometimes I appreciate the negative ones. They keep things real for the future guests.

In the rare case when a review is clearly against the guidelines, I wait until I have calmed down, and then clearly state what I want.

Bullet points help. Yeah, sometimes I rehearse it!

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Well, you do indeed seem like a kind person. @busymumsy :slight_smile:
Of course there’s a learning curve. Once you realize that you still can be kind to people and not bend over backwards you’ll make it much easier for your self.

I’ve never had to remove a review (knock-on-wood) but maybe call CS and ask if they can transfer the review to the correct listing. If not, ask them to remove it alltogether.

Yah, @Christian, I started out kind, this guest was in the very beginning of my starting out hosting. Now that I’ve had well over 200 bookings, I have a different attitude, still kind, but less pity for silly errors that affect my business :wink:

I have only a few reviews less than 5 stars and find this early one annoying since it’s not reviewing me or my house. But the CS I spoke with just kept saying the guest was able to complete their stay so was able to provide a review.

Well the CS is right but that doesn’t mean it was a good solution for you.
Anyway, we live and learn and better just move on :slight_smile:

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