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Remove AirBnb profile from Google search results



My AirBnb profile is the first Google result.
This has nothing to do in Google.
Is there a way to prevent AirBnb profiles from being indexed in Google?
This is a serious privacy leak.

Thank you in advance.


You mean when you do a search on yourself, your profile pops up? Does it show your first and last name?


Yes, when I search my name, exactly.
It shows Antony’s Profile - Airbnb
No last name, but still, that’s the first Google result, before my Linkedin profile.
I don’t have anything to hide, but once again it’s a massive privacy leak that my acquaintances, clients and future potential employers know what I rent and can read all guests comments!


Log in on a computer. Go to account, privacy, uncheck “Include my profile and listing in search engines like Google and Bing (recommended)”. It looks like that should work. You might want to explore all the various settings on a regular basis, they change without notice…


Thank you, just done that, it should disappear soon.
Just sucks they check it by default.


eeeek I just realised this and my was ticked. Thank you sharing this!


I use my middle names on our airbnb profile for this reason.
I don’t need my work clients looking at our listing :smile:


As it may take ages for both AirBnb and Google to update their data, I also modified the spelling of my first and last name.

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