Remote tv control is gone?

Hi guys I had some lovely guests who stayed in my apartment for 5 nights , 2 girls and a baby. After the checkout I went to do the changeover and there In no remote control. Anyone been in this situation. I can charge them but then I could get a negative review, I’m not sure what to do any advice?

Stop worrying about reviews, for Pete’s sake!

Send them and email or give them a call and explain that as you were doing the changeover, you noticed the remote was missing. Ask them if it’s possible that in the flurry of packing up your remote somehow ended up in one of their bags, and if so, you’ll Paypal them to ship it back to you.

We had this happen with a night light, believe it or not!


Before you contact your guest, be sure you’ve looked high and low for the remote. Check under the bed and under the mattress. Look behind/around any night stands. Check in all the drawers. I mean, just look everywhere.

I have a shallow glass vase with fake hydrangeas in the cubby of one of my nightstands. I once found my remote tucked in amongst the flowers.


To the guy who told me stop worrying about reviews! Your probably right as it is beyond my control! Sometimes we have to hear these things.
They said they don’t know where the remote control is.
Do I charge them for this?

Personally I don’t think so. It’s almost certainly in your property and will definitely turn up; buy a spare and absorb the cost.

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Definitely not. I know that some guests are a little loony :wink: but I can’t imagine anyone deliberately stealing a TV remote.

I would just buy another one. This reminds me that I should probably figure out what to do if the Harmony remote gets lost, and also have one backup Directv remote.

I finally found a missing horseshoe in the yard. It was missing for months. Another time I found all the lamenated cards (to operate electronics) in a box for an air mattress - the box was located in a trunk. This same group (with wild kids) also called right after the greet tour and asked where a remote was. They finally found it in a place where only one of their kids would have put it. Sheesh!

Just keep searching in between every single cushion, corner, etc.

I recently found a beach towel that had been missing for months. Although we provide them for guests to take to the beach, they sometimes use then when they are relaxing on the dock. One guest left and one of the beach towels was missing. I assumed that she had accidentally either left it at the beach or maybe even shoved it in her suitcase without noticing when she was packing. So I just bought another and thought no more about it.

Recently, I saw the co-owner of one of the apartments here sunbathing on the dock with the missing beach towel. The guest had left the towel on the dock, the co-owner had picked it up automatically and without thinking and then taken it into his apartment … these things happen.

But I’m so glad that I didn’t accuse the guest of making off with the towel.

That’s funny! Did you mention to your neighbor - “I’ve been looking for that” - lol.?

I am still looking for two beach towels and robes but I have a feeling the “housekeeper” (me) put them away in bags along with other duvets, blankets, etc. The thing is this was done during high season (in a complete rush) and I really need a few days to take everything out of the messy storage room (when guests aren’t there). I also need my partner to have the same time off so he can get all his tools, etc. out of there at the same time and we can organize together. It’s difficult to coordinate a perfect time.

Oh…thank the Lord (literally) that I have never had Airbnb guests open the unlocked storage room and start snapping pics saying the place is not as advertised!

If it’s a remote from your cable company, they’ll replace it for free. If not, can you purchase an inexpensive universal remote to replace it?

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Yes, we had quite a chuckle about it :slight_smile:

I’ve had plenty of instances where things have ‘gone missing’ for weeks and then I’ve found them in the apartment. (And it’s a very small space). Recently a bedspread was nowhere to be seen. Weeks later I found it neatly folded (by a guest) on the top shelf of the closet.

I was mildly annoyed about a guest who ‘stole’ a full colour photography book of our area - about $40 value - but some weeks later found it in a dresser drawer. And I think I’m thorough!

Then there was the shopping tote that went missing for ages and was down the side of the washer in the laundry room…



I had guests a month ago, I could not find the remote after they’d left. I pushed the bed forward to hoover, and the remote plopped down from behind the headboard, ffs.