Remote host how to get 5 star reviews

We are purchasing an Airbnb in another state, currently it’s being managed by a company and has a 4.53 rating. I’m try to figure out the basics of a 5 star review. My current listing is 5 stars, but I’m not going to be nearby to provide the personal services I currently provide, I’m wondering what current remote hosts do to keep there ratings up. I’m planning on just using the management company in the intern while we do some updates and then I’ll create my own listing assuming I can find a great cleaner.

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Snowy, you might already know this, but in case you don’t: When you acquire a property, the current Airbnb ratings don’t stay with it. The property will start with no reviews of its own, although you as a host have reviews from your other property.


Thanks Rebecca I know this, its just that it has me a little concerned, wondering what is the magic that keeps your ratings up. Now, I give so much personal service, which I know won’t be possible. Lately as a guest I’ve stayed mostly with property management companies, nothing really great. Thru my experience, the things I notice that are different than a personal host. No welcome note, no small snack, not many amenities, no cleaning supplies. I’m hoping, I can still get some of these things in, while I use the management company temporarily and then if it worked out well, continue using, If not, just find a cleaning company and manage my self. Low ratings, just scare me, but I’m somewhat new, maybe I worry too much.

Are you sure that’s the case if it’s run by a management company? If it’s the management company’s account how does Airbnb know if a property is sold?

Maybe I’m the exception but I don’t consider that a good rating and I wouldn’t stay at that property unless there was nothing else available. I hope you can start from scratch.


The management company said they would make it a new listing if I requested .

I have to get a new license within 10 days.

Most of the bad reviews were for cleaning and hard beds. I’m planning on changing the beds immediately, but I’ll have to work on finding a cleaning company. I think if I had to keep that rating, I would rather start from scratch. I know myself I wouldn’t choose anything with that rating. Most of the comments loved the great location and they love the pool and spa.

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Why would you want a new listing from the company you are moving on from.
Making a listing isn’t hard, particularly if you already have the experience of your first.

You said the magic words “find a great cleaner.” I believe that’s the biggest challenge, finding good realiable cleaners.


I have great reviews (awkward for me to say, feels braggy) I am a remote host. I supply no snacks, no coffee,…no extras.

I provide a clean, comfortable, well maintained budget friendly condo rental at the beach.

I now copy my friend/neighbor/Airbnb direct competition and call the guest 15-30 minutes after check in and ask if everything is as expected.
Mention my number should show in their caller Id so call me if I can of assistance.
Ask if they have dinner plans & suggest a local restaurant with a nice view & casual so after a day of travel go as you are.

5 minute conversation

I now get solid 5s instead of mostly 5s.

For example: I haven’t met any of these delightful guests…


Great advice Annette, thank you!

Good point. I guess I’m not sure.

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I’d sell my place (or any place) rather than run it by remote.

As my old man used to say, “If you want it done right, do it yourself!”

I tried having other drivers with my tour company. ALL of the negative reviews, except for 3 out of over 500, were for other drivers. I went back to solo the next year.

I always pick local hosts, and try to avoid staying in any place that’s corporately managed, which means mediocrity to me.


Set the listing up in your own name. Never let a management company set it up under their profile .

Also massive red flag if they are getting marked down consistently for cleaning.

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I like to spoil my guests just a little but they’re in my backyard so perhaps the proximity makes it feel rewarding.

It all goes to personal needs.

I intend to eventually live full time in my STR condo. I need rentals to help pay the bills until then.

When I was STRing a condo I own two doors down from my home, I tried to spoil them too. There was a basket of granola bars, a few chocolate truffles, coffee, sugar, creamer & bottled water. Yes proximity made it possible.

For several reasons that condo is now LTR—much less work and better revenue.

I started off using a property management company at the beach. It was awful. But as I mentioned in a different thread, pending local regulations are going to end most remote hosting in my area anyway. I’m going to remote host as long as possible.

Every host must figure out what works for them.

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When I hosted in a small town in AZ. all of the rentals were hosted by real hosts. After I moved and was looking at rentals there to see one had sold and was being managed by a management company and they were getting terrible reviews. This was the first I knew that Airbnb’s could be hosted by the corporate world.