Reminder messages

Airbnb sends the reminders about guests arrival etc at 6:00 am. I like the reminders, but I wonder if there is a way to adjust what time they arrive? I can’t see options.

I doubt that this can be customized. It is particularly stupid to get a 6 AM reminder that someone will be coming in 7 or 8 days.


No but you can easily set your phone so you only get alerts during the day @Vanmep


I have the same issue, but the alerts come at around 3:30 am. I have not found a way to change when they come. Depending on what type of phone you have, you can likely snooze the messages. For me, that’s not practical because I have tenants and also usually guests so I need to be available for emergencies. That’s surely true for most of us so I’m sorry I don’t have a solution. But I commiserate with you about it!

I state in my check-in message that my phone shuts off at eight 9 PM and if they have a question or need they should send a message and I will respond to them first thing in the morning but I also state that if it is a true emergency I provide my landline and let them know that they will be waking me up but it is important that they contact me and wake me up. I’m happy to report that in the six years of doing my Airbnb I have never gotten a call on my landline , no one seems to abuse it


That totally makes sense. We don’t have a landline so it’s not an option for us. Fortunately, I’ve never heard from a guest very late or very early either.

But I have twice heard from tenants at odd hours. One had gotten up to use the bathroom around 2 am and her door knob fell off on the far side of the door and she was trapped. The other woke up to the sound of water spraying from where the toilet connects to the wall. I was glad to be able to run downstairs and help in both cases.

I also used to get a lot of international guests and their inquiries and bookings came through in the middle of night. So I just put up with the odd-hour Airbnb reminders so that I get the important stuff.

The OP was talking about Airbnb notifications, not guest messages.

The 3 am alerts happen to me, too. They must be scheduled to go out at what is a reasonable time of day in the Phillipines or something. I know that some hosts who have contacted CS about some issue, have gotten messages from CS at that time of the night and when the host didn’t answer, woken up in the morning to find that message as well as another saying the CS rep has closed the case because the host didn’t answer within an hour, which of course is outrageous.

I also sometimes get alerts of booking requests or inquiries at 3am, and when I go to reply to the guest in the morning, have found that the guest actually sent the request at 9pm. There was a 6 hour lag.

I turn my phone off at night, so these alerts do not wake me up. As a home share host, I don’t need to field emergency calls- a guest could just come bang on my bedroom door if the plumbing burst in their bathroom.

The person that wrote the message said that he couldn’t shut his phone off because of tenants that might need to reach him so I was giving him an option to offer a landline which he says he doesn’t have as an alternative for those emergency calls

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I checked with CS and was told there is nothing they can do. But if I provide my feedback they would be happy to take it into consideration. :thinking:

I did figure out there is a setting on my iPhone that allows me to turn off all notifications at night, except for certain people (ie my family) who are allowed through. Currently trialing this.

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